Defense of Degree (Fall 2015)

Brittani Parker

Philosophy of Education

  • Encourage students to become lifelong learners.
  • Learning is exploratory, we do not fail, we discover ways that will not work leading us closer to our answer.
  • Why do I teach?

My success in education is never and will never be measured by test score, seeing my students develop a passion of what they are learning measures my success.
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"Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all"-Aristotle.

Competency 1- The intern knows how to shape campus culture by facilitating development and vision of learning. Including Service Learning.

Throughout my graduate program I have also been the leader of my campuses PBIS(Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) team, and have led staff development meetings where I trained the staff on our new school wide discipline program CHAMPS.

  • PBIS
  • CHAMPS- Service Learning
  • Behavior Rings for Staff
  • Graduate program instilling the importance a creating a positive campus culture.

Competency 2- The intern knows how to communicate and collaborate with all members of the school community.

When I began the graduate program I was the Seventh Grade Special Education teacher, my first half of the year I had been through many ARDS unsure, and unknowledgeable. Throughout the program I have been provided with courses that have given me the crucial knowledge I needed in order to be more than proficient at collaborating and leading ARD meetings for my students. I learned how to collaborate with fellow educators effectivly, along with being able to provide my parents with the knowledge they needed in order to help their child thrive. Below is a MOCK ARD I completed through a Special Education course.

  • Winter Wonder for Special Education Students.
  • Mock ARD
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Competency 3- The intern knows how to advocate, nurture, and sustain an instructional program and a campus culture conducive to student learning. Diversity Awareness.

Through my masters degree I have acquired the knowledge to become an effective Language Arts Department Leader for my campus, I plan our curriculum and data assessments. Many courses I have taken have prepared me in various ways in creating differentiated instruction for my diverse learners.

  • Region 11 Trainings
  • Department Head (Assessments, Analyzing Data, Creating personalized lessons)
  • Diverse Curriculum (Incorporating multiple cultures, cooperate learning structures)

Goals For The Future

"The only journey is the journey within." My journey through DBU has been challenging and rewarding every step of the way. I have constantly questioned myself as an educator and pushed to become knowledgable more everyday. The graduate program has broadened my vision in education, opening my eyes to the all encompassing challenges we face as educators, yet my professors have provided me with multiple tools to be able to tackle these issues. As I come to an end with my graduate degree a fear has come over me, worrying that without literature reviews, article reflections I will begin to plateau in my field of education, and have begun wanting to already push myself into the doctoral program. So, as I finally exhale and reflect upon this past year I believe in myself and the difference I can make in my students lives and in education. My journey is complete with my graduate degree, my journey to impact education has just begun, though I will struggle, I will not fail due to the knowledge and experience DBU has provided me.

Closing Statement

Thanking my family for the support they have given me through my masters is not a feeling I can quite put into words. At times I felt overwhelmed and sat with my head in my hands questioning my ability to complete the program. My husband was always there to reassure me and offer his help in anyway possible. My daughter Penelope is my driving force to always try to become a better person for her, I will always strive to be someone she can look up to. I want my hard-work to inspire her to reach all of her future goals no matter the difficulty behind them.

My cohort is also to thank, we have built a bond and trust with one another. At the first sign of trouble we have always offered ways to help one another. Without my cohort family this journey would have been long and less meaningful.