Emerald City

April Recognition and more.....

What a GREAT month!!

Corporate gave us so many ways to shine in April! The Sign Up Special, Autism pieces and the launch of the new TOTE collection! I have had GREAT success with the bags as I know so many of you had! The key with the bags is to incorprate them INTO your display and show the customers how verstaile they are!

April was a month where so many Stylists SHINED!!!!!

Sold OVER $1000~

Elizabeth Tridle $6450

Kristy Pauly $5586

Laine Vitosh $5101

Angie Clifton $2709

Genna Levitan $2089

Casie Gunderson $2071

Mindy Miller $1544

Catherine Powell $1295

Michelle McLarty $1234

Mandy Cundy $1170

Kendra Mueller $1129

Dindy Voster $1101

AND, we added 15 NEW Stylists to Emeralc City! WELCOME LADIES!!!!!

Diana Frederick, Jen Mccall, Genna Levitan, Kelly Snyder, Whitney Hasselbring
Aimee Poore, Samantha Jacob, Pam Morris, Melissa Vansickle, Jayme Fisher, Kasilla Williams
Danica Seirer, Ashley Weixelman, Libby Hegelson, Leslie Rudd

We hope that you are coming to HOOPLA in Las Vegas! This will be my 4th Hoopla and I would LOVE to chat with you on why its the best decision I made! You will be inspired, motivated and more in the love with the products and the vision of the company!


Having ups and downs in any business, is normal! In the past 3 1/2 years I've had the highs of highs and lows of lows.... But, I kept at it! I have NEVER given up! The greatest thing about this business is that you get to do it on your time and terms. The greatest hurdle in this business is that it gets put on the backburner! Where ever YOU are in YOUR business, it's NEVER to late to reengage! And, I'm here to help and motivate you!

Contact me for help and connect with your fellow Stylists at our fb page! https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/271940376257868/

All my best~

Angie Clifton

Stella & Dot Director