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The Top 10 Literacy Updates

Happy Monday CBLTs,

Since this week is a testing week, this is the only correspondence I will be sending out to the teams for the next two weeks. However, many of you are having your CBLT meetings at varied times this week, so I've included quite a bit of highlights and some action items to help you with your planning for the next few weeks. Be sure to scroll to the end. Here are my observations:

  1. I've been getting a lot of questions about the last day of class. The official last day of class is May 5, 2014. All TSLP Process Module templates must be completed at this time. Your completed binders with minutes, agendas, sign-in sheets, DIP/Pre-Language Literacy Development Plans, course evaluations, etc. will be due by May 28 at our EOY meeting.
  2. DIP Training will occur on May 13, after the course is completed. More details regarding the specific date and time are listed below. The only CBLT members required to attend this meeting are the DIP designees for each campus. An RSVP to this event is required.
  3. The TLI team has opted to request for checks to be cut only for each campus that is having a literacy night this spring and has followed the procedures for notifying our team of their needs, date of event, etc. for their literacy nights. This means that your campus will be solely responsible for taking care of any arrangements for food and/or supplies as a campus. Once we receive all of the checks, I will hand deliver them to each principal whose campus is having a literacy night this semester. As of today's date, we haven't received them all. If you have any clarifying questions, feel free to contact me.
  4. This week is testing week, so this is the only correspondence your teams will receive from me for the next two weeks. Have a great testing week and email any member of the GIT team if there are any urgent needs for your campus.
  5. From David Murphy: During the next two weeks, your campus-based leadership team will have time to finalize your process template, if necessary. There is no new lesson during this time, and there will be no quiz or assignment during this time. If your campus makes changes to your Implementation Plan, please delete and re-upload your most recent Plan in the Lesson 5 Workgroup. On May 6th, we will begin printing all Implementation Plans as they will be used with Grant Implementation Teams during the 2014 Leadership Summit
  6. The TLI team office is handling ALL of the travel arrangements for the Institute. For those attending, more information will become available to you as we receive it. Additionally, we will correspond with designated participants via email about any action items that must be completed in order to prep for the summer institute.
  7. TLI has been partnering with Wells Fargo Bank to provide financial literacy opportunities for students and parents. Be sure to check out the information regarding ways that you can have them visit your campus.
  8. Our End of the Year GIT meeting will be on May 28. This date is on all CBLTs calendar. It is called "The 100 Hats of Literacy." Our team will send you updates and next steps for that meeting as the date gets closer.
  9. All CBLTs should have received copies of their Commitment Agreement Form. This copy is for your personal records. Our team anticipates submitting names for the extra duty pay in June so that those who have met all requirements can receive it on their July payroll checks. Please note: You must have competed ALL CBLT/GIT requirements in order to receive the extra duty pay. If you have questions or you are uncertain of your status, please contact me via email or phone. I would be more than welcome to offer you any clarity.
  10. We have more literacy nights coming up. Each of you are welcome to visit any one of our campuses event.

I hope this provides you with insight on next steps for your CBLT. Our district will be featured in the next Statewide TLI Newsletter. Thank you to those CBLT members that made a contribution to the article.

Always with digital literacy in mind,

Felicia Turner

Family Literacy Night Updates

Paws for Literacy! Submitted by Stacy Signaigo

The Manor ISD Childcare Development Center Literacy Event was a big success! The theme was “Paws for Literacy”. Emily Rivera says,"The event was a huge success because of the careful and thought out planning of the CBLT team, Stacy Signaigo, Director of the MCDC, Josipa Cosic, & Theresa Eckert." The highlight of the evening was the visit from the Austin Rescue. They brought a baby Sheltie dog to share with us as well as 2 baby goats. The kids LOVED begin able to pet the animals. David Bryant from Primerica Financial came to provide financial literacy resources to the parents. Additionally, we made animal balloons, read stories to the children under the BIG dog house, dug for dog bones in our sensory tubs, sponge painted letters, and got our faces painted. It was hot, but it was tons of fun.

All of the MCDC teachers were amazing and contributed to the success of their 1st Family Literacy Night."

A Luau at the Creative World Learning Center

On April 17, the Creative World Learning Center was the place to be for an evening full of fun family activities using several of the popular pre-school books and leis! The CBLT did an awesome job of creating activities that allowed kids and their parents to indulge in creative and interactive activities that promote early math skills, concepts about print, and an overall love for books. Take a look at some highlights from their literacy night below.

Family Literacy Night at MEA

Wednesday, April 23rd, 6:30-8:30pm

600 E Parsons St

Manor, TX

Please contact Jennifer Thompson at jennifer.thompson@manorisd.net if you have any questions about their event.

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Oh The Places You'll Go meets The Jungle

Wednesday, April 30th, 6-7:30pm

12904 Gregg Manor Rd

Manor, TX

PK-K will focus on early literacy development and 1st-5th grade will focus family literacy at home. The driving question is "How can you support at home through the genres?"

For questions about this literacy night, please contact Natalie Weber at Natalie.Weber@manorisd.net or Emily Rivera at Emily.Rivera@manorisd.net

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Family Literacy Night at Manor New Tech High School

Thursday, May 1st, 5-7pm

10323 U.S. 290

Manor, TX

Manor New Tech will be hosting their first literacy night. The night will be full of varied literacy stations designed to show parents and students ways they can promote literacy at home. For more questions about their literacy night, please contact Stephanie Ehler at Stephanie.Ehler@manorisd.net

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Got Financial Literacy?

Did you know that there is a need for financial literacy in our community? Check out these opportunities for Financial Literacy on YOUR campus.

Family & Financial Literacy Stations: Manor High School's Family Literacy Night, our Wells Fargo partners, graciously donated their time to set up a financial literacy booth for the participants. If you are interested in providing opportunities for your students and parents to learn more about financial literacy, take advantage of some of these opportunities offered by one of our district's community partners. So far, Wells Fargo will be visiting Bluebonnet Trail, Manor New Tech, Decker Middle School, & Manor Middle School.

Hands On Banking: Wells Fargo bank is looking for an opportunity to come and teach "Hands on Banking" this month to a school in or around Austin. Jason Wright, Regional Program Manager, has graciously extended this opportunity to Manor ISD. What they do is teach a grade from 3rd to 12th around financial literacy. You can check it out on handsonbanking.org. This program was created by Wells Fargo in 2007 to educate individuals of almost any age range to increase understanding around financial literacy. Jason has a team of 10 volunteers that are looking for an opportunity to come to your campus.

Teen Financial Education Day: Budgeting money, saving for a rainy day, opening an account, whatever they need to know to be money savvy, teens can learn on April 26, 2014, with Wells Fargo. The bank will be hosting a free Teen Financial Education Event that is free to the public. All of the details are located on the flyer. If you know anyone who could benefit from this event, please pass the information along to them. For the Teen Financial Education Day, the Barbara Jordan location is the closest for Manor participants.

The Address is: 1201 Barbara Jordan Blvd. Austin, TX 78723

Let me know if you are interested and I will be more than welcome to help you make the arrangements. You can also reach Jason directly via cell phone at 512-838-1287 or email him at jason.wright2@wellsfargo.com

Popping Into Literacy at MHS (submitted by Amanda Gripp)

On April 8th, Manor High School hosted their first Family Literacy Event. Our focus is on early literacy, so we gave special invites to all the teenage parents in the district. Our Literacy Night focused on teaching parents different strategies to incorporate early literacy, such as book making, letters, reading to their babies, vocabulary building, puppet making, and other inexpensive ways that helped show parents the importance of literacy at home. We would like to thank all of the various departments in Manor ISD for their support. Check out some highlights of our night below.

The Heart of Texas Writing Project

The Heart of Texas Writing Project (HTWP) Manor Cohort will be a group of ELA teachers representative of various grade levels throughout Manor ISD. Participating in this institute will help teachers develop their knowledge and abilities as writing teachers and as leaders in literacy professional development. Participants will spend a good portion of their time at this institute writing, reading, and consulting with other teachers in the Manor ISD cohort. Once teachers have completed the first week-long institute during the summer, they will be valuable members of a cohort of excellent teachers from Manor ISD and will receive support in their teaching and continuing professional development through workshop sessions during the school year.

WHO? All Manor ISD English Language Arts teachers, grades PreK-12


Summer Institute: July 21-24, 8:30-4:00

Workshops: 2 days per semester during the 2014-2015 school year

Cohort PLCs: Once per month, after school

WHERE? All institutes and workshops will take place within Manor ISD, at a central location or on various school campuses.

We invite all interested teachers to apply to be part of the Heart of TX Writing Project Manor Cohort. The TLI department will provide a $500 stipend to all teachers participating in the Summer Institute. The application is available at the Heart of TX Writing Project link on the Manor ISD website www.manorisd.net or just click here to access the application: http://www.manorisd.net/ourpages/auto/2013/4/4/48928076/HeartofTexasWritingProject-Application.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact either of the following individuals about this project:

Colleen Stearns colleen.stearns@manorisd.net

Alex Carrillo alex.carrillo@manorisd.net

Laurie Fay laurie.fay@manorisd.net

Data Informed Plan Training

Tuesday, May 13th, 8:30-10:30am

Central Administration Board Room

This will be a hands - on training session. While any CBLT member that wants to learn more about the DIP is welcome to attend this training, pre-identified DIP Experts from each CBLT are required to attend. Use the link below to RSVP and I will register you for the course.

Participants will need to bring to this session the following information:

  1. Laptop
  2. Campus Implementation Map
  3. A hard copy of their campus DIP or Pre-Literacy Language Development Plan
  4. Campus Smart Goals
  5. Your completed TSLP Module Assignment

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