Cool? Identity, Drugs & Fitting In

~My First Thoughts~

What does it mean to be 'cool'?

It means that people want to be remembered later on.And have a lot of friends also be like and they care what other people think of them.For example when their walking down the street they want be recognized and want people to go like "hey I know him/her they're really cool.

They think its to be normal and healthy to go to places and not be stared at funny.

How important is it to be cool?

We think it depends on how the person is and there personality.some people dream of being cool and some people just don't care because they know its not everything.

They think it doesn't matter because they don't even go to school. and it's not important to them anymore because now all they care about is to be together.

What does it mean to fit in and why is it so important?

It means to be like other people and not be different then everyone else. Its important because people don't want to be different because they think its weird and nobody will like them unless their the same.

They want to fit in because they don't like standing out from everyone else and being looked at funny. They think it would be important because then they wouldn't have to be so different from everyone else but they may not have met each other so it couldn't have been to important to them.

What's the advantage of being around who have similar outlooks and interests?

The advantage is so that you can actually talk and do stuff together and be able to have a conversation. If you are not around people that you have anything in common with then you wouldn't really talk or have much if anything to do together and its like you are just left out even though they are your friend.

The advantage for them is that they both have cancer and they get each other and wouldn't think one another is different or weird.

Why do you think young people use drugs/alcohol?

We think that other people think it's cool and they don't bother to realize it's not good for you.Also they think if they do it more people will like them more and will be more popular.

They don't know why people do them but Gus uses them to show how things that kill others wont kill him and that he is a fighter.