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Why you should read nanberry


Nanberry is one of the greatest books I have ever read.Once you start to read Naberry it’s like you get sucked in the book.You must read this book because it makes learning history really fun.

This book is about a black boy called Nanberry and his life growing up with the British.there are so many reasons you must read this novel like there is adventure,possibilities and so much more!

The characters in this story are fascinating and they are different in their own ways.For example,The o’possom is cheeky, trouble making and annoying.A lot of the minor characters either are a drunk or kind.Surgeon White is loyal,kind and a gentleman.Rachel is protective,kind,loving and strong.

Nanberry is a emotional roller coaster one minute it is happy and great then two seconds later it is sad and depressing.

I would give this a ten out of ten,five stars.Great book which you should read.If you like drama,bloodshedvand humour then this is the book for you