Energy Resource Research

Fossil Fuels and Wind Turbines

By Miguel Sumo and Lucas Larson

Fossil Fuels

Fossils fuels are found around the earth, the biggest deposits are in the United States, Russia, and China. Fossil fuels like coal,natural gas, and petroleum take a long time to reproduce that why they are nonrenewable resources. Fossil fuels are the remains of ancient organisms that have been compressed in earth and heated. Bringing down the cost for fossil fuels will give us more opportunity to catch up with the growing population, and finding a less air polluting way to find these resources.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbine are usually put in windy areas, the biggest wind farms are in Germany, Spain, United States,India, and Denmark. Wind energy is an inexhaustible energy that makes a generator turn to make electricity. Wind turbines are super big and noisy, if someone made a silent one we would be able to put it in more areas.Industrial wind turbines have 116 feet blades, 212 feet tower, and a height of 328 feet.
Wind Turbines = Fossil Fuels!

Wind Turbines=Fossil Fuels

This video is about what it would take to start putting wind farms down.

Scientists at Work

By Miguel Sumo and Lucas Larson
Wind turbine explodes