Persevering Through Life

By: Olivia Sanchez


In the movie Rudy, Rudy was trying to get into the beautiful college of Notre Dame since he was a little boy. But his whole family never thought he could go there but, for many years Rudy waited and watched every game that Notre Dame played and memorized the coaches speech that he said before a big game. When Rudy was old enough he applied to Notre Dame and got let down three times. He was calm and patient but never yielded to it. Then the forth letter came and he got accepted into the big and bold Notre Dame. In his football tryouts he was getting hurt and he got many red scrapes and bruises but he kept persevering through it. After many games he knew he wanted to not feel petty and get out on the field when his grumpy dad was watching the game. In the last play when all of the other players were all sweaty, dirty, and tired Rudy went into the game on November 8,1975.

Chinese Cinderella

A girl named Adeline had a few family issues and she had a few misfortunes in the book Chinese Cinderella. Her mother doesn't like her because shes smart and she feels inadequate but she doesn't mind because one day she knows that things will get better but she has to wait for it to happen. Also, she has to get over the fact that her mom's dog bit her and because her Aunt Baba knows about the bite she can't tell her parents. Lastly, she had to persevere while walking to school in the storm because she wasn't aloud to take the train and her feet were all soggy and she had to walk a long way home.

The Nutty Bavarian

In the story The Sweet Smell Of Success a man named John Mautner had a dream to sell almonds, pecans, and other nuts and he named his shop the Nutty Bavarian. He tried to get his shop into Universal Studios but the owner of Universal Studios never picked up the phone and the problem with that was that he called multiple times with no answers. John was never combative and never got angry he was patient and he finally got an answer back. He got a spot at Universal Studios and he made over $1 million in sales and is triumphing until the end.

Minor to Major

In the story Preparing To Win a man named Maury Wills was trying for a long time to get in to the MLB. First, he started out playing baseball and made it to the minor leagues. Second, after a while he made it to the Major Leagues in Baseball but he tried over and over again but he was bad at hitting. He used his ambition and determination to make it to the major leagues. Third, he got pulled out as soon as he went up to bat and he was going to quit but then he got help from the third base coach and after a while he got better at hitting. Lastly, he went up to bat and he finally hit the ball.

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