Southern Pines Elementary Bulletin

September 4, 2015


We will have a full staff meeting next Wednesday after school and a school improvement meeting Tuesday after school.

Technology Support

This year we are fortunate to have a full time DIF on our campus every other Monday. Deanna Bosch will be our person. I have asked her to briefly meet with each team during planning time on Monday September 14th. She wants to hear your ideas and share with you some of the things that she can help with. She is super nice and it will be a great fit.

New Social Worker

Please help me welcome our new social worker. Sydrena Murchison is in the office beside Mrs. Brown's room on 4th grade hall. Welcome Ms. Murchison!


At Wednesday's leadership meeting I was told that the new PEP form would be out very soon. Please hold off on adding to or creating PEP's until this is done. The plan is still for the form to be compatible with Power School.

Specials and Recess

I had to send in an attestation form to the state today regarding physical activity. As a reminder students must have thirty minutes of physical activity daily. Students may not be assigned exercise or excluded from physical activity as a punishment . Also ALL students must attend specials classes.

Transfer Policy

The district is in the process of sending a new transfer policy to the board for approval. As soon as I receive news on the new policy I will let you all know.


Supplement pay dates this year will be November 25th and June 25th.


September 8 SIT Meeting

September 9 Staff Meeting

September 18 pm PD-Speaker at PCHS

October 23 PBIS Fall Fest

November 19 PAMS Performance 1:30

Scene Around Campus

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Have a relaxing holiday weekend!