5th Grade

Schedule Change

In order to provide additional instruction before our next round of testing, 5th-grade classes have been regrouped. We are very excited to be able to provide each of our students with targeted instruction in areas where they need additional support. This change took place and will continue until further notice. Your student will continue to go to their homeroom teacher each morning and attend specials with the homeroom class. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher.


Spring is here!! As the school year begins to wind down, there are a lot of activities coming up. Please stay up to date by reading the weekly newsletter and checking social media. We still have work to do this school year, and another round of STAAR testing is coming next month.

Week of April 22nd

  • Dress Code: Please make sure your student is following dress code daily. Leggings worn under shorts and skirts must be a solid approved color. Light jackets worn indoors must be in dress code as well.

  • Class Dojo is an important form of communication that we use often. Some subject reviews, important class information, and messages are sent through this app/website, so please make sure you are checking it daily.

  • Please continue to check your student's planner daily. This is a great resource for communication.

  • SNACK Reminder: Because 5th-grade lunch is not until 12:20, we are allowing 5th graders to bring a HEALTHY snack. The snack must be something they can eat while continuing to work, and the snack must not require a spoon and cannot be messy.
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Education Galaxy is an awesome new resource for our campus. Please have your student log on for extra practice at home. The parent letter is below.

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Upcoming Dates:

April 22-No School

April 25 - PK Round-Up 1-6 PM at Live Oak

April 30- Painting with the Hawks- 6:30 pm ROE Cafeteria

May 13- 5th-grade STAAR 2nd administration Math

May 14 - 5th-grade STAAR 2nd administration Reading

May 15 - 5th grade Science STAAR

May 22 - ROE Field Day

May 24 - Last Day of School Hawk Assembly and Early Release

Subject Content and "I Can" statements


  • Appreciating Literary Nonfiction and Drama.
  • I can understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the varied structural patterns and features of literary nonfiction.
  • Please make sure your student is reading every night. To increase stamina for the STAAR test, our students need to read at least 20 minutes a day.


  • Problem Solving
  • I can use math strategies to solve problems.


  • I can use strategies to review science content TEKS: 5.5A-5.10B

Social Studies:

  • Civil War
  • I can identify the effects of the civil war including reconstruction
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ROE Campus Newsletter

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