Protect Sterling Silver Jewellery

How to Guard Sterling Silver Jewellery from Oxidation

Sterling silver is the classiest metal when it comes to purchasing jewellery. It is versatile and compliments every type of attire to be worn to any sort of event or occasion. In spite of the information that sterling silver jewellery appears stylish and sophisticated, it has a propensity to rust with time. Lots of individuals are uninformed of the fact that sterling silver corrodes with time. This occurs as a result of oxidation process. Sterling silver is 93% silver and 7% other metals like copper, sulphur, etc.

These other metals respond to the oxygen molecules present in the air and this oxidation process results in creation of a blackish rotten layer over silver making it look unpleasant unlike rose gold jewellery which does not rust with time. You can now buy sterling silver jewellery online also from a variety of jewellery shopping portals.

Maintaining silver jewellery is not a hard job if you be familiar with how to do it. In many cases people just don't know about the corrosion property of silver and realize it only when the jewellery is corroded and needs to be taken to a professional to clean it hold on to its luster and looks. You can easily prevent silver from corroding by taking care of a a small number of things while wearing and storing your silver jewellery.

Tips to Protect Silver Jewellery

1. Storage Container

Don't stock up silver jewellery in a wood box as it will create dampness thus rising the scope of corrosion. If possible stock up your silver jewellery in air tight containers or air tight zip pouches.

2. Store in Cotton

Layer the jewellery container with cotton if it is not an air tight box. Store your jewellery between these layers of cotton.

3. Clean After Taking Jewellery Off

Clean silver jewellery every time after you wear it and before keeping it back to its storage container. The jewellery accumulates oil and perspiration from the skin which corrodes it afterward. Hence before keeping it back after use scrub it with a smooth cloth to remove dirt.

4. Store Separately

Never store your silver jewellery with jewellery made out of other metals. This increases the scope of corrosion in that way putting your silver jewellery at a superior danger of tarnishing.

5. Place a Chalk Piece in the Container

This is the most effective way to avert silver jewellery from corroding. Place a piece of chalk in your jewellery container. It will take in the surplus dampness thus removing the scope of corrosion to a larger degree and keeping your silver shining for a longer period.