Laminar And Turbulent Flow

Laminar Flow

Laminar flow is a smooth and orderly movement of a fluid, in which there is no turbulence. And any given sub-current moves in parallel with any other nearby sub-current.Laminar flow in common in viscous fluids, especially the ones moving at low velocities.

Bugatti Veyron

This car is the fastest car in the world. This is all because of laminar flow. When this car moves it uses a laminar flow and there is no turbulence so the currents move in a parallel order. The builder of the car made the cars shape like this on purpose because he knew that if this car made a turbulence flow then it would never be this fast.

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This airplane travels really fast. That is because when the plane moves, the air just passes right past it , not causing it to slow down. An advantage of that is it doesn't need a lot of power either because it so well thought out. Maybe that is why the NASA uses it.

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Turbulent Flow

Movement of a fluid in which sub-currents in the fluid display turbulence, moving in irregular patterns, while the overall flow is in one direction. Turbulent flow is common in non-viscous fluids moving at high velocities.

Jeep Wrangler

This jeep is designed to be as bare-bones as possible so it can handle all the rough terrain you can throw at it. This car is really strong because it has a turbulent flow. If this car was built as a laminar design, this car would never be this strong.

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Many people go to different beaches for bigger waves. Without any turbulent flows, there would be no waves. And the turbulent flow gets caused by the wind currents. These currents are non-viscous moving at high velocities.

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