Digital Citizenship Project

Seth Warner period 4

What is a Digital Citizenship

It is used for everybody to understand how to treat others. Also a digital citizenship is meant for you to be safe on the internet and how you can be nice to others. Don't be a flamer a flamer is a person who is mean and says mean things to others to hurt them and make them feel better and flamers even start flame wars. This is when one person is mean to another and that person gets mad and be's mean to another person.(On the picture above it shows a flamer)
Be a Digital Citizen

Why is it important

It's important to know because it's a way to keep you safe and how to act on the internet. Some people try to get information about you so they can bully you or be mean in a way. Also some people try to start a flame war to get you mad and then get some one else mad and it is a big thing you should try to stay out of those.

The 7 rules of Digital Citizenship

  1. Be nice:Be nice means to be kind to other and to do what you should do.
  2. Never give out your personal email or credit card or any private stuff:If you do it makes you in danger so people can come over and hurt you. Never give out any information it can also lead to people being mean to you about your culture or what you believe.
  3. Never post something about another person unless you have permission:People can hurt themselves because they don't feel accepted. They post this to be mean to people because they want you to react.
  4. Don't invite random strangers to your house from the internet:If you wouldn't do it in real life then don't do it on the internet.It is pretty much saying (come to my house and talk, oh and i'm alone) nobody would do that.
  5. Be careful while online:Being careful is important because it is your safety and you should care because you won't some stranger know were you live
  6. Don't bully or make them feel bad about there self:Don't bully people can really get upset. Bullies are people who want to see people be upset and they get happy because that is what they are mean rude people
  7. Copyright is a big thing if you copy write on an essay you can get a F or it could be a crime:Copy right is a big thing it could land you in jail. You should always ask if you can use something for a sassy,book,and on the internet it is practically stealing something that is not yours.