By:Rachel Bailey & Austin Carter

Question 1

List the different people that celebrate VE-Day.

Answer:The allies (USSR,France,Great Britain and the USA.) during world war 2. The people of these countries celebrate this once every year in their main city.

The picture to the right is a picture of the articular that was copied to show the people of the countries that they had won the war.

Question 2

Describe the actions and/or activity's that people do to celebrate VE-day.


People Join together in a center of a New York City as a community or in house hold as a family. Not everyone does this but it is a very big deal for some families. They would have drinks, eat dinner, and if your having a big party throw confetti every where. Some people might have a BBQ but not all, some people might not even take this holiday as some people do, some might not celebrate it at all.

Question 3

Explain the feelings people have during this holiday.


Some people feel relaxed because they get a day off from work or school. Some people feel the need to celebrate. If they feel the need to celebrate it might be because they had a family member or friend that was in the Holocaust.

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This picture is a picture of people celebrating VE-Day