Athens, Greece

The Cultural and Political Center of Greece

Come join me on a journey to Athens, Greece!!

Athens Appetit's

If your hungry try one of these divine foods!

If you're on a diet try the fish and vegetable dinner its a great diet plan. In crystal clear waters you can find yourself some fresh seafood. Do you need some comforting fast food? Good luck on finding some because there is barely any fast food in Athens. Vegetables and meat are the main foods to eat. Athens is a very healthy city, so be sure to be healthy!

Explore this Cultural Land

Shining on Culture

In the early 1800's, athens alone, more than 40,00 people starved to death because of their economy. After that the athenians need to get a lot of food so they thought that is they fought in the civil war, 1944-1949. Athens allowed macodoneian forces to set up garrison's. The name athens comes from athenian which is what the people of Athens, Greece are called.

Athenian Entertainment

Here's some ideas to make your trip even more fun! Have fun splashing around in the thermal and mineral springs (like barton creek springs). Be patient and and quiet and you can visit the harmless mountain goats! Atheninians are famous for there water sports, go get splashed at one of the famous water sports lake called the Elafonissi.
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Landmark of it's own.

Here are some interesting historical sites and places to check out!! Most people don't realize this but Athens is the vast capital of Greece and the birthplace of the olympic games. The Syntagma Square is a beautifully man-made garden that you need to check out!! This place is very old hince the name The Ancient Agora, it was a place of assembly and open freely to the public in the classical times. In the town The Plaka there is labyrinthine streets and stone architecture that is featured.

Steps of the language

Many languages are fought for and won for Athens, Greece. At the time Alexander the Great had consolidated his empire the common developed language that was spoken was Attic Dialect. Did you know that Demotic Greek language was proposed in the eighteenth century because other languages had become a political issue. From the eighteenth century to 1917 demotic greek was the first primary language and the second primary language had taken over and it was the Katharevousa. Lots of other languages like signs were found in 1920 and the signs were incarved on baked clay tablets.

Sun or Snow?

Many people like it hot and some may like it cold here is your weather! July is the warmest month to go, if you like it hot go then the average tempature there is 96 degrees fahrenheit. Like it cold then go in January, the average tempature is 31 degrees fahrenheit!!