All About Me

My friends,My Favourite Music,My Favourite Cartoons/Movies

Facts About Me



Fave Colour:Blue

My Friends:Kathryn,Jenny,Sheeza,Inara and Patricia

Favourite Show:Ouran High School Host Club (or any anime)

Favourite Movie:Harry Potter

Favourite Book:My Story Series

Favourite Music:Kpop

Favourite Games:All Of Them

Meet My Friends

Jenny - She is the oldest in our group and is a little sick in the head (in a good way of course sometimes)

Kathryn - She is very logical and fun to be around with (she is my closest friend since I have known from Kindergarten)

Sheeza - She is really loud and obnoxious but we still love her just the way she is (even if she can make us angry sometimes)

Inara - She well is literally the mother of our group and she is always worried about us (she can also be very annoying sometimes)

Patricia - Patricia is new to our group and she is very quiet but is still fun to hang out with (she has a cute little sister named jessica)

What I Love Most

I love listening to Kpop and other kinds of music, I especially enjoy listening to boybands SHINee and B.A.P and girlbands 2NE1 and SNSD.

I also love to browse Instagram and chat with my friends on KIK.

I like to play Soccer, and sometimes watch Anime