Researcher Capabilities

Mark 311 Marketing Research

Who benefits from my marketing research contribution? Are my participants going to learn anything, maybe about themselves?

My marketing research contribution will benefit the clients that I served at Nature Yoga and myself because I gained solid knowledge on real-world practice of marketing research. My contribution to the research will help Nature Yoga to gain information about the communication methods needed to retain customer loyalty. The participants of the survey included some of my peers, and some of them have responded to me that the survey was interesting and fun to take because of the topic of social media. One of the survey participants has responded that this survey helped him to think back about his awareness of social media. Often times, people fail to think about the interactions with social media in relations to using social media as a business tool. I also gained some insights about the ways businesses approach consumers using different communication methods. With a strong application of marketing and research, a business will succeed in grasping the very specific direction they will need to take.

How can my research be considered trustworthy?

My research can be considered trustworthy because there is a number of evidence for every step of the research that I engaged in. The resources and the data provided by the University, Professor, and the respondents of the survey led me through the Marketing research and I was able to complete each and every step from formulating problem to analyzing/interpreting data and preparing the white paper research report.

Has my purpose and/or motivation for this research project remained the same throughout the process?

My purpose and/or motivation for this research project has definitely changed throughout the process because as I learned more about marketing research, I became more engaged and curious about certain ideas that went beyond class learning. Everything in the beginning was vague and unclear, but as the Professor led the class to deeper level of thinking and process, I gained more sense of responsibility and motivation to apply my learning to client-readiness. I can evaluate myself and state that I learned and gained a lot from this course intellectually and personally.

How can my predictions from data analysis be connected to personal perceptions? How apparent or important are my biases?

My predictions from data analysis can be connected to personal perceptions because I am also one of the many consumers of many businesses. I did not have the capabilities to change the data results and interpret it according to my personal perceptions; however, when the results fit certain justification of my own, I strongly came up with the ideas that matched the results. Personal perceptions were needed in certain parts such as analyzing the survey results in connections to the results for in-depth interviews, observations, and secondary data. My biases were clearly not needed in certain situations because the primary data strongly supported the objectives, but in parts where data results produced unclear solution, my own perceptions played a big role to interpret the data and conclude the research.

Engaged Learning Experience in Connections to Loyola's Mission

This Engaged Learning Experience helped to expand my knowledge on Marketing and real-life business world. Through this Marketing Research project, I gained real life experience on applying Marketing Research concepts into deliverables (RFI and RFP), connecting to the clients within the given capabilities, and learning to have confidence and trust on other team members. Therefore, I believe that LUC's mission to "expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith" was accomplished through this Engaged Learning Experience.

Jiwon Kim

Student at Quinlan School of Business

Loyola University Chicago