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Teddy Bear Does What Is Told; Mother Outraged

Teddy Bear, the bear, threw a party at Jasper Hill in a cave in Montana. It was 1992, and at 3:00 PM, the party started getting out of control. Teddy Bear lost a bet to Simon and had to do what he's told.

The worst part was SIMON SAYS! Teddy Bear does what he's told and then... Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around. His mother is outraged because he does not stick up for his own rights. His mother calls the police to stop the madness. The police took away the flower who started this. Her name was Daffodil. The other two, as we found out, were robbers and we are not able to say their names to the public, as it is classified information.

Big Ben's True Story

Big Ben is a famous clock tower in London, England. In 2008, it became one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. With 409 escalators, you travel the distance of going around the world twice. That’s nearly 50,000 miles every week, or 2,600,000 miles every year. If you're a fan of Big Ben and a foreigner, you're out of luck, because no foreign visitors are allowed in the tower. Unless you know someone that's British that allows you to go, they have to go with you if that’s the case. Something you probably did not know, the tower is not straight. Big Ben is crooked and leaning to the side at 316 ft. Big Ben is swaying. I guess Big Ben is trying to mimic the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Big Ben has had over 400 designs with with over 90 architects, so it must be harder than it looks to make a straight line. Big Ben stands at 316 ft. while the London EYE stands at 443 ft., so you can’t miss it. The chime of Big Ben can be heard from five miles away. And if you can't read the time on it, too bad for you because the clock is too small for digital. “See you on the other side of England.”

Hunger Games

Welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor. The Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, volunteered as tribute and now she must go against all the odds and fight to the death with Peta Millark. Effie, their manager, with the assistance of Haymitch, a past tribute for district 12, help them to survive. Now the Games are approaching, will they survive? Find out.

Red Ball 4

The game Red Ball 4 is based off of mathematical and common knowledge. The story is about a ball that's red. You need to control and face challenges like a civilized normal ball.

You control the ball through rough terrain, hills and ditches. The games will give you items that are needed to defeat the obstacles. The ball will go through various stages and faces.

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