#EWExcellence ~ Week of 05.31.2016

La ola del lago Spanish Immersion & Edgewood School

Week of May 31, 2016

What a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! See below for an updated picture of the Kucinski Family. Elisia (K LODL) is reading and writing like crazy in Spanish, Amelia (3s CoF) is obsessed with counting by 10s and identifying letters on signs, and Ezra (Oh! Baby ECFE) is loving playing pass the ball. All of my kiddos are a part of the success of Edgewood School & La ola del lago Spanish Immersion. I would not choose anywhere else to send my own children to. :-)
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Congrats to Ms. Eileen, Ms. Jodi, & Ms. Ellie for being nominated for PLSAS Outstanding Service Award

Congrats to Ms. Eileen (Kids' Co TA), Ms. Jodi (EW/LODL Health Aide), and Ms. Ellie (Child Nutrition Services) for being nominated for this district recognition award. The criteria for this was to honor those individuals that simply go above and beyond their service to our students and families. And anyone who comes into contact with any of these three fabulous individuals knows how much joy and effort they put into making sure students are at the center of all they do! We are thankful to have them part of our EW/LODL School Community. Winners will be notified and presented at the June 10 all PLSAS breakfast!

The Referendum did not pass... as you all know by now..

... and I know there is uncertainty with next steps.

A few key reminders:

  • The growth is real
  • All our PLSAS programs continue to grow (as we are well aware at EW)
  • Kids are coming and will only continue to
  • Our dedication remains the same to serve all kids - whatever it takes!
  • Our school board will regroup and decide what next steps need to be taken

The best thing I can do is quote our amazing leader, Dr. Teri Staloch:

Dear Team:

I hope y'all enjoyed a great holiday weekend. This newsletter is going to be very short, but I wanted to be sure to get one out to you as we prepare for another busy week!

Thank you for your amazing work last week. I know you all fielded many questions and helped navigate a host of emotions after Tuesday's vote. Regardless of the outcome, I remain steadfast in how proud I of am of our process, communication and community engagement. Our next steps will be to debrief and to begin to determine the best plan for reaching back out to the community to gain perspective as we plan forward. Thank you all!

Be well,


Thursday Edgewood/LODL First Ever Environmental Education (EE) Day

What an incredible first Edgewood/La ola del lago EE Day! Four naturalists from Dodge Nature Center attended to helps students learn about the environment. Please see the below link! https://www.facebook.com/EdgewoodPLSAS/

Please take a few minutes to fill out this short Google Survey

End of the Year Procedures / Processes

The end of the year is upon us. Here is a rough draft of the agenda for all PLSAS staff last day - Friday, June 10:

7:30 - all PLSAS staff breakfast and program at PLHS (thanks to Amanda Sterna & Sam Dehnke for taking the lead on creating our end of year EW video!)

10:00 - 11:00 - all EW staff meeting

Early Childhood certified (6.0 hours), Assistants (8.0 hours)

More specific instructions regarding classroom assignments, storage, boxing, moving, furniture, summer school to come....

End of Year Early Childhood Party

Tuesday, June 7th, 5:30pm

5000 Kop Parkway

Prior Lake, MN

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Amity International End of Year BBQ

Wednesday, June 8th, 5:30pm

Sand Point Beach, Prior Lake, MN, United States

Prior Lake, MN

La ola del lago PTC will be hosting a farewell BBQ for our 5 fabulous Amity International interns. Come to Sand Point Beach for a night of fun and BBQ. Any and all are welcome to attend!

Edgewood Gardens & Flower Care over the Summer - [thank you, Ms. Trina!)

We are good to go with the flower pots in the front of the school doors! Thanks to the Advisory Council donation of flowers! It will take all of us to help keep them over the summer with water! If you need the watering can it is by the lower level door in the entry! You can also use a bucket, water cup or your water bottle! Please help keep them growing by watering when you think of it! We all walk in and out the doors and anyone can water them! Do not worry about them being over watered! Thanks everyone! Also, many new plants have been added to the back garden including seeds for our Zinnias! (They are under the green fencing for now) Please help teach your students to walk around the plants of the garden. There is mulch trails, rocks and pavers for walking on. The hose is connected in the back now too. (the red handle turns on the water) I plan to water new plants daily until school ends but, will need help with occasional watering over the summer when the plants look thirsty sprinkle them! It would be helpful to not play in the courtyard when it is muddy and wet. The grass that was there is now gone. We are looking at shade grass options to reseed the courtyard over the summer. Let's keep Edgewood's beautiful garden a place for learning and exploring that all can use!

In closing...

This is it. The end of the school year is upon us! As we begin to wind down and reflect upon the year, please a moment to thank yourself, thank a colleague, and thank our families. We truly are in a partnership to make the world a better place for our children. It's an honor to serve with you. And as we begin to plan and build for the 2016-17 schol year, please note our mission and vision remain the same - to do whatever it takes to best meet the needs of our students and families so that ALL can reach their full potential. This is how we operate here in PLSAS. And it's our responsibility to bring our best each day and to teach our students with urgency.