Syncrude: Future of Sustainable Oil

The Benefits of the Alberta Tarsands

The Economic Benefits

We export 1.6 million barrels of oil to the U.S. Every dollar invested in the Alberta tarsands creates about $7.50 in economic benefitsLargest industrial employer of Aboriginal people in Canada - they make up over 8% of our employee workforceIn the next 25 years, employment is expected to grow from 75,000 jobs to 905,000 by 2035 

Community Contributions

Established the GET Effect: our employees have dedicated their time and effort towards making the neighbouring communities better$21 million donated to Canadian initiatives and projects such as the Northern Lights Health Region, University of Albertas$95,000 dedicated towards 64 NGOs out of our own pocketOver $2.2 million invested in Aboriginal community projects in 2009 and 2010

How we are Minimizing our Environmental Impact

Reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 39% since  1990Dedicated $1.6 million towards reducing SO2 emissions by 60% Increasing our water efficiency by recycling almost 85% of the water used in the oil making processPlanted over 5.8 million trees and shrubs
"The Syncrude Boogie" - Men with Hard Hats