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My full name is Kourtney Briana Moses, I've been an AVID member for just my 8th grade year. I have played soccer since I was 7 and still playing. I have 3 sisters, Kristian, Kamryn, and Jaedyn. I have gone to Crockett Middle School since I was in 7th grade. The clubs i joined while being here are Athletics, Orchestra, and AVID. I'm from Irving, Tx born January 16, 2001

Word Cloud

I chose these words because they basically describe AVID, they also have everything to do with it.
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Big Changes

When I was in 7th grade I didn't care so much for my classes, I wouldn't give my 100%. I didn't know the actual roll of being a leader, nor did I know how important college and your grades really are. I think getting into AVID in 8th grade really set my mind a lot higher than it was. Now I care about my grades and I try harder in my classes. AVID helped me be a better roll model and a better person and I thank the AVID club for that.

UNT Field Trip

When we took this field trip to The University Of North Texas It was a good learning experience to show us kids what our college life is gonna be similar to at a college. I learned programs they offer, were certain dorms are, also things we might be doing on a normal day.

Colleges, Major Interest

Team Building

This is a team building activity, I think that from this activity I learned to trust others, and also guiding others.
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Fav Quote

I picked this quote because its so inspirational to many people to do the things they believe. I live by this quote because it helps me to just do what my dreams are and to strive for them. also to not give up.
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Portfolio Work

far left; Me As A High School AVID Student- This is one of my favorite pieces because it was about me and things to do with me. I learned what clubs and things i'm going to be in as an high school student and its scary.

middle; Passion Speech- I also liked this assignment because it was something about me and my passion. I learned that you should love your passion and not give up.

far right; Descriptive Essay- I loved this assignment because we got to just describe our favorite moment in detail. I learned that you should always have good descriptions.

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