Snow Monkeys

By: May

Where does the snow monkey live ?

The snow monkey lives by the coast of Japan in an exotic rainforest. But yet lives in a snowy habitat. The snow monkey lives in a snowy habitat to adapt to survive. It gives the snow monkey all its resorces. The snow monkey gets the right food from their habitat.

what does the snow monkey eat ?

The snow monkey has canine sharp teeth but the snow monkey does not eat meat. The snow monkey eats fruits , plants, leaves , bark , grains ,vegetables, nuts and insects. It can die from eating the wrong food . The snow monkeys are very smart.

Where is my animal classified ?

The snow monkey is calassified as a mammal . The snow monkeys do have a backbone so they are vertabrates. They are very special it is like they dont have a backbone. Monkeys are very flexible. Thought the snow monkeys are very intellingent . The snow monkeys are a great species

How does a snow monkey adapt to survive ?

The snow monkey has a thick coat of fur. That fur keeps them warm in the winter. The snow monkeys are smart they gather food in the summer but they do not hibrernate. The snow monkeys come out every winter to play. They adapt to survive very easily .