Inside the Computer

sections of the motherboard

Definition and Role

  1. CPU= stands for 'Central Processing Unit', It is basically like the brain for the computer.
  2. CPU fan= is a fan that cools down the CPU so it does not over heat.
  3. RAM= stands for 'Random Access Memory', it is the short term memory of the computer.
  4. Northbridge= it connects the CPU to other components.
  5. Southbridge= it connects the northbridge to other components inside the computer including the USB.
  6. VGA Port= Stands for 'Video Graphics Array'.
  7. DVI Port= Stands for 'Digital Video Interface'.
  8. USB= Stands for 'Universal Serial Bus.' The USB is the most common type of computer port used in today's computers.
  9. NIC= Stands for 'Network Interface Card.'
  10. Audio Jacks= they are the in and out sound sockets to connect the headphones and microphone
  11. AGP Slot= stands for 'Accelerated Graphics Port'. AGP is a type of expansion slot designed specifically for graphic cards
  12. PCI Slot= Stands for 'Peripheral Component Interconnect.' is a place to connect external devices, like a camera
  13. PCI-E Slot= is a modren type of PCI Slot.
  14. CMOS battery= Stands for 'Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.' This technology is typically used in making transistors.
  15. SATA Port= Stands for 'Serial Advanced Technology Attachment'
  16. IDE Connector= stands for both 'Integrated Device Electronics' and 'Integrated Development Environment.'