October 5, 2020

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FHS Updates

FHS Parent Teacher Conferences

We are pleased to have our fall Parent Teacher Conferences this week, Thursday, October 8th, from 4:00-7:00 PM. This year our conferences are digital via Google Meet.

Our conferences are meant to offer time for brief conversations regarding your student's progress. If you require a more lengthy discussion regarding your student or are unable to meet within the time and space available, please email or call the teacher and arrange a mutual time to meet. Every day is an opportunity to connect. Never hesitate to reach out.

Please click here for the directions and the sign up links.

Wisconsin Education Fair (WEF) Virtual Opportunity This Week, October 7th

Franklin High School has been a WEF site for many years but unfortunately all fairs in the state have been cancelled for the 2020/2021 school year.

WEF is offering a monthly virtual college fair from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m., followed by 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. interactive financial aid presentation brought to you by College Goal Wisconsin.

  • Wednesday, 10/7
  • Sunday, 11/8
  • Wednesday, 2/10
  • Wednesday, 3/10
  • Sunday, 4/11

Free to attend - REGISTER HERE

WEF is hosting these monthly virtual fairs which will include college information, virtual college visit info and interactive financial aid sessions. Check out the information for virtual WEFs and registration. Note that at this time you can register for the fair(s) but cannot log into each fair until the event.

New Chromebooks for Grade 9 and 12

Students in Grades 9 and 12 will be receiving new chromebooks soon. In anticipation of issuing our New Chromebooks, please make sure you know where your Chromebook, Case and Charger are located. You will be turning these Chromebook items in order to receive your new device.

Thanks for Using the Absence Reporting Procedure

Thank you parents for using the new process for attendance. It is important - please do not email or call the attendance line for absences, early dismissal or late arrivals.

When your child is unable to attend school for any reason, we ask that you fill out THIS FORM located as a button on the Home Page and “Parents Information” sections of your school’s website to report/excuse ANY absence. This form will require you to enter your child’s six-digit student ID number and birthdate before you can report your child absent.

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October - National Bullying Prevention Month

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Senior Pictures Due in November


  • Digital copy required

  • Size: Standard 2x3 wallet only

  • Type: Digital copy at 300 dpi's minimum. The image must be taken with a high resolution camera set at the highest mega pixels.

  • For best quality - standard head shot, vertical pose

  • No props/hats of any kind

  • Deadline: Friday, November 6th

You (or your photographer) should use this form to submit your senior photo

FHS Picture Days Scheduled

FHS will have School and Sport Pics in the building for two days to update our student photos. During the school day on Thursday, October 29th and then again on Tuesday, November 3rd photos will be taken. Ordering information will be sent later this month.
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FHS Protocol for Providing Student Masks

Daily mask wearing has, and will continue to be, an expectation for all students and staff who enter FHS. Similar to other daily supplies, we understand that students may have times when they forget their masks and need one to get through their day. As a result, we have a supply of disposable masks that we can provide to students who are in need.

While we are able to provide masks on occasion for students, we ask that students and families work to ensure that students have access to backups in their personal belongings. Our supplies are quickly diminished when students need a mask on a regular basis and we would like to ensure that we have masks available to those who forget on occasion or need a replacement throughout their day.

We have begun to track the masks that we are providing students to ensure that we can keep a supply for emergency purposes. If your student frequently needs us to provide them with a mask to get through their day, we will be in contact to develop a plan to ensure that one comes with them each day. Students who repeatedly need a mask will be charged a small fee (applied to their student account) to ensure that we can replenish our supplies. Please see below for further details.

1st time a mask is provided: Student will be provided with an inexpensive washable or disposable mask at no cost. School personnel will log that they received one and inform student that they get 2 masks at no charge before they will be assessed a fee.

2nd time a mask is provided: Student will be provided with an inexpensive washable or a disposable mask at no cost. Student’s parent/guardian will be informed that the student has forgotten a mask twice and future masks will be charged.

3rd time a mask is provided and beyond: Student will be provided with an inexpensive washable or disposable mask and a $1.00 fee will be applied to their student account.

FHS Offering the ASVAB Test

ASVAB is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test offered at FHS on Wednesday, October 21st during first and second block. Students received an email with a link to sign up on Monday, October 5th.

This test is free and open to all juniors and seniors. Students should take this test if they are considering the military after graduation. The ASVAB is also an excellent Career Exploration and can be a good practice test for future tests. Please contact Diane Gilroy in Student Services for more information.

Live Streaming FHS Sport Events

You don't have to miss the action at our fall sporting events. How can you watch? The fall sports are live streamed and available on The Saber Roar YouTube channel. If you miss a live event, it is available on the channel to view. Go Sabers!

Did You Know That FHS Has a Job Board?

Located in the FHS Cafeteria (on the west wall) is a wall display case with recent postings. We will also be including this link in our Weekly Bulletin for parents to view. Job Board Current List

Yearbook Purchase and Senior Pictures

Our amazing yearbook advisors, Molly Sawicky and Kristen Miller, have a new webpage to answer all of your yearbook questions. You can always find this information on the FHS website under the "Student" tab or you can use this link.

You are able to order the yearbook now or anytime until January 31st. Senior photo information is available on the yearbook site. Yearbook questions should be directed to Molly or Kristen.



FHS Attendance - Late Arrivals/Early Dismissals

Late Arrivals - Students who arrive to a class within the first ten minutes of a block are marked tardy. Students who arrive after the first ten minutes are marked absent.

Early Dismissals - Students who are dismissed during the last ten minutes of class are marked “Leave Early” (LE) which does not count against their attendance. Students who are dismissed more than ten minutes prior to the end of a class are marked absent for that class.

Medical Appointments - If your student is absent from school due to a medical appointment, please submit a medical excuse to the attendance secretary from your provider so the absence can be marked medically excused (APTX). Medically excused absences do not count against students’ attendance. If not medically excused by the provider note the absence will be marked parent excused (PAX) and will count toward the 10 days allowed for parent excused absences.

A reminder that all absences, late arrivals & early dismissals should be reported using our new procedure with this form.


Please be sure to read the newest District Newsletter that comes out now every Friday. You can access all the issues here.

FHS Offering Flu Shot Clinics

The Franklin Health Department will be having flu vaccination clinics for parents and kids. Flu vaccination is recommended for anyone 6 months of age and older. Call 414-425-9101 to make an appointment. See flyer below for more details.

Guardian Google Classroom Email Summary

There is some confusion about the Parent/Guardian Google Classroom email summary. When a teacher adds a Parent/Guardian email addresses to Google Classroom, this does not give the parent access to Google Classroom. The email address being added registers the parent/guardian to receive a weekly email summary that looks like the image below. The parent/guardian will get one summary per child for all Google Classrooms the child is connected to. If you want to see the Google Classroom assignments or postings in real time, please have your child log in so you can view the Classroom with him/her.

You can read more about the Parent/Guardian summary you receive on this Google Classroom support page here.

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