States of Matter

Cody McMahon

Bose-Einstien condensate

Bose-Einstien condensate- forms below a critical temperature

*None in existence on earth

*you will never live to see it

*its pretty darn cold

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Plasma- Ionized gas particles

*Made of electrically charged particles

*Found in lightening

*Gas has to be super heated to create plasma

(Lightening, sun)


Gas-airlike fluid that expands to fill any space possible

*Gas enters your lungs with each breath

*Not all gas is hazardous

*Gas expands to fill any size container available

(Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Helium)


Liquids- Material that flows

*Particles move around and slide past each other

*Liquid takes shape of container

*densly packed making it difficult to compress

(Water, Blood, mountain dew)


Solid-firm and stable, not moving

*The particles in a solid slightly move

*Considered dense because the particles are close

*not easily compresed

(Metal, rocks, wood)