The Spanish-American War

by Eric Szklarzewski

section 2 - Letter to the New York World

Dear Editor,

I have found time to finally read your article in your paper and I am appalled at the fact that you let your writers make such an inaccurate report. Although you have indeed covered some events such as the reconcentration camps that we can confirm the rest of it have been lies that you made up to make the paper more interesting to the public eye. I hope you feel happy that your lies have worked on the ignorance of the public and now you have influence enough people to make the majority want go into Cuba and liberate them from the clutches of Spain. I do agree on helping out the Cubans however I don't believe we should lie to the public. you need to just stop so bye.



Section 3 Titanic 2.0

The Spanish Ambassador Enrique Dupuy de Lôme to Washington has send out a letter that was addressed to a friend in Cuba was lucky seized and secured by a source who will remain silent and was sent to us. The letter states that our beloved president McKinley is "weak and catering to the rabble and, besides, a low politician. Not only has the head of our free government been insulted but the American people as a whole after all the president is the face of the people of America and Spain has spit right on it. However not long after a more alarming incident occurred the sinking of our grand battleship USS Maine in Havana harbor. The Maine sailed to Cuba in January after riots had taken place in the streets of Havana. America was concerned that the American citizens in Havana might be harmed as well as their property. Then on February 15, a huge explosion rocked the battleship and 260 sailors perished. Its pretty clear who is responsible for the explosion the Spanish they preformed this act of Terror on our beautiful ship and they should be held accountable. We as a people need to join together and put an end on the Spanish terror, but who will help bring us together to fight? Well its obvious that if anyone can do it is Donald Trump.

Your welcome,


Section 4 World Star

The war has been heavily fought in Cuba as it is closer to our Home land. The blockades that President McKinley has ordered have proved to be successful how ever a fleet managed to enter into the Santiago harbor. Now the General wants to destroy this fleet and take over Santiago so he ordered his rough riders to attack las Guasimas, El Caney, Santiago bay, Guantanamo Bay and San Juan Hill which was the most toughest battle out of all if you ask me. I was astonished by the rough riders if you ask me maybe it was because of the mixed African Americans with the white soldiers working together after years of tension. When night fall came the U.S Army has taken the ridge and now everything is going smoothly our navy has now destroyed the Spanish ships and now we can rest a little easy. How ever this does come with a cost... around 5 - 6 thousand American Soldiers have Perished but their death shall not be in vain.

Section 5 New World Order

President McKinley and the Republicans and Democrat William Jennings Bryan arguing over the Philippians and if it should remain independent or be a part of the new American Empire. William might just be a part of the Anti-imperialist League and wants America to remain its nice size and not get into other nations and take over land that are a whole world away. President McKinley is clearly an imperialist and wants America to be as big as the rest of the Great powers of the world. He is obviously also in support for the Platt Amendment which is a provision in the Cuban constitution to protect American interest which allows America to purchase or lease land for naval bases.