School Closing Updates

May 8, 2020

Grab and Go Meals for the Week of May 11th

Grab and go meals can be picked up in the corridors of the School Office. There are 2 pickup times this week:

Monday, May 11th - Grab and go meals for Monday through Wednesday. Pickup is from 8 am to 10 am.

Thursday, May 14th - Grab and go meals for Thursday and Friday. Pickup is from 8 am to 10 am.

Meals are for any students (preschool through high school) who are in need of a meal. A survey was sent out last week in regards to the number of students who will need grab and go meals. If you did not respond to the survey or did not receive it, please contact Dr. Gold at

8th Grade Graduation

Thank you for your patience as we have been mapping out what the graduation will look like for our 8th grade students. Graduation will be on Saturday, May 30th. There will be a procession with lineup starting at 10 am at Komarek School lead by a police officer. Once we arrive at Veterans Park, we will begin the ceremony. Graduation will occur within the parking lot, and each vehicle will have an assigned spot with a placard created by the 8th grade dinner/dance committee. Since there are a limited number of spots, each graduate can only have one vehicle. Additional vehicles will not be allowed. Detailed information will be coming out soon.

Students will receive a Pass (P) or an Incomplete (IC) for 4th quarter for each subject. How is this determined?

Quarter 4 report cards will look different from the previous 3 quarters. Students will have either a pass (P) or incomplete (IC) depending on work completion. If the majority of classwork has been completed, students will receive a pass (P) for that subject area. If the majority of work has not been completed, students will receive an incomplete (IC) for that subject area.

What grades qualify a student for recommendation to Komarek's JumpStart program?

Any 3rd through 8th grade student who has a cumulative GPA (from quarters 1, 2, and 3) less than 2.0, and received an incomplete in mathematics and/or ELA in 4th quarter, will be recommended to attend Komarek’s virtual JumpStart program later in the summer. JumpStart only focuses on math and ELA. This JumpStart program will be crafted differently than the one families can have their child sign up for.

Can 4th quarter late work still be turned in?

Yes. Late work can be turned in up until the last day of the quarter which is Friday, May 22nd.

When will 4th quarter report cards be sent out electronically?

Report cards will be available electronically on Friday, June 5th. You will receive notification when they are posted.

Program and Field Trip Balances

As we come closer to the end of the school year, several questions have come up regarding lunch program balances and non-participation athletic fees, etc. Komarek’s past procedures has been to credit the student’s upcoming registration fees and/or lunch account. We will follow this direction this school year as well. The exceptions to this will be field trip dollars; these will be automatically refunded and will be available for pick-up with your student’s belongings. Please watch your email for further information regarding specific pick-up days and times.

The second exception would be for our 8th graders and students transferring out. All 8th grade balances and graduation fees will be refunded and available for pick-up after May 26th. Again, the exact days and times are to be announced. Pre-ordered yearbooks will be distributed with your student’s belongings. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kathy Gibson, Business Manager, at

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