Spring Avid Conference 2015

By: Hanna Nguyen

My strengths as a 7th grade student

I'm good at writing stories,music,and drawing. also my favorite class would be history because it is fun and serious at the same time. During middle school I have found out that I have a passion for writing,music,drawing,and I want to learn more about the medical field.

My struggles as a 7th grade student are....

I struggle at trying to make time to have all my work done and have to help my friends as well.I also need to try to be more active in school with others,but all the struggles help me learn for the next.

All assignments graded in Avid

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My Extra-Curricular involvement and why this is important for the future:

I had joined a few club called anime club and have been to college night, but basically I haven't really done much so for 8th grade I might (if I got time) join some sports,clubs and or participate in events.

My GPA graph and goal!

This is my GPA graph my goal for the rest of the year I want my goals to help me try to at least stay at a B.Also when I go into 8th grade I want to try and keep a higher GPA than I have now.
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