Website Wednesday

Not Your Mother's Schoolwires Page! * May 18, 2016

Learn about the exciting new features now available from Schoolwires/Blackboard...

This edition focuses on best practices and options for inserting Tables and on using the new Basic Page in your Schoolwires pages.

Tables can be added by using the Table App on a Content Page or by using a Flex Page or Flex App and inserting a Table. Sound confusing? It really isn't. There are many options depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Any page or app can be shared with other staff members for use on their site/page too, eliminating the need for maintaining multiple sections displaying the same information. This is a great resource for grade, subject, or department-based information.

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New Content Page with Table Examples

This page shows an example of a Content Page (easier to edit and simpler than the Flex page) in conjunction with a Table App and an inserted Table. Take me to the Table Page!

New Basic Page Template

Basic Page Template - This new page contains three sectioned "apps" already included - an image app, a heading app, and a content app. In this example, I also added the Table app. Take me to the Basic Page!

Your Schoolwires Support/Blackboard Specialist

Karen Khoury is the webmaster for our school district and will be working with our staff to transition to a new responsive template this summer. A wealth of resources and suggestions for organizing and updating your web pages to create a more robust user experience and ease of editing for you is only a phone call away!