The Giant and the Beanstalk

By Tyana Orlando

Once upon a time there lived a very poor giant. This giant lived in the clouds. Under the clouds lived a very rich boy called Jack.

One day Jack went to the markets and bought some magic bean seeds. Jack went home and asked his mother if he could plant the seeds, Jack’s Mum said “No!” and threw the seeds out the window.

Meanwhile, up in the clouds the poor giant was looking for food. Then out of no where a bean stalk popped up. The giant climbed down and found himself in a village made of gold.

The giant knocked on many doors until all of a sudden Jack came outside his house carrying a chainsaw threatening to kill the giant.

The giant screamed, “I’m just a very poor giant, please give me food and money.”

Jack replied “No way!”

So the giant climbed up the bean stalk. When night came the giant climbed down the bean stalk and robbed the village made of gold.

In the morning, the whole village woke up confused. No one knew what happened but Jack. Jack told his mother to fetch a chainsaw. Jack grabbed it and cut down the beanstalk.

Suddenly it started raining, it wasn’t raining water but it was raining gold! The town was very happy because they weren’t poor anymore!

Everyone lived happily ever after!