Can you you survive

five nights at Freddy's

About the Game

You are in a place called Freddy Faz Bears Pizza. It is where the animatronics get possesed and if you get through 5 nights you can set the levels of the animatronics I suggest using 111 not 20 20 20. That is about the game.
Tricks and hints so you know when golden freddy comes up in your room you don’t put on the mask on the left of your screen you stand as still as possible don’t move but when you're not getting stared down by golden freddy you have to watch out for normal animatronics then you put on the mask on the left of your screen so that way they think you're one of them.

s the game scary to you and why?

how long have you been playing the game ?

who is your favorite animatronic?

chica, bonnie,shadow bonnie, freddy,golden freddy,foxy,mangel,balloonie,puppet master.boss, golden bonnie.

since it came out or never,

yes or no and why Maddie answer yes because they have good features and she always likes a good scare once in a while.played almost 3 months who can beat that.character bonnie

Chloe answers , foxy, half and half,never did but wants to.

Owen answer, no because he does not get scared easily , maybe 2 months since it came out.mangel is his favorite..

Austin answers. yes because of jump scares.since 2 months ago. foxy

Andrews answers never played but wants to .golden freddy.

Emma answers

maybe cause she likes it half and half. 6 months. chica

Maddie answers 2 .

once you die you can go and go and until you give.

Jagvir answers 2 or 3 months since it came out. no cause does not get scared easily .no favorite.

Charlie answers. 1 day has not had time.yes cause random pop ups. golden bonnie.

Tanner answers. does not want to play. no not scared easley. n/a.

chase answers. no cause cause does not get scared easily. golden freddy. 3 months at tops.

Joseph answer.all of the above.wants to play it.yes because of freddy faz bear.

Max answers .1 or 2 hours. foxy. yes because of the jump scares

Brendan answers.wants to play. foxy. yes cause of jump scares.

by the answers from people that the game is menacing seems scary enough to some and not to some people

pictures of the characters

Golden bonnie
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Shadow Bonnie

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Golden freddy

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baloon boy


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