Estefany Onofre


In the Documentary of Gabriela Cowperthwaite, successfully show that killer whales become violent because they are in captivity and are abused through stock footage and interviews.


Blackfish begins with the death of one of SeaWorld's most experienced trainers, Dawn Brancheau. From there, the documentary recounts the history of SeaWorld, from their capturing of wild orcas to the physical and emotional pain experienced by these animals in captivity. Throughout the documentary, the filmmaker demonstrates SeaWorld's constant attempt to hide all information that could reveal the danger of working with captive orcas, as well as the pain they get put through or even make them violent towards people.

Stock Footaged

Killer whales attacking each other: This show that killer whales have to deal with been all cramp together in a very small pool when they are big animals. They have no room to be together end up independent and have no communication towards other whales. killer whales will hurt each other.
Trainers abusing whales: This show that killer whales have to obey them for them to have food or not to be hurt by the trainer. Also they get punish by putting them into a small pool where doors get close on them and barley any room for them to move.
Killer whales getting separating from their family: This show that killer whales have to life without their family. They don't get to experience the wild life. Also wend they have their own kids in captivity they separate them causing them to feel emotional because they are kidnapping their kid.


Reflecting on the accident: This show what trainers see how another trainers get attack by two killer whales. The would never imaging that one of their whale will hurt a trainer.
Ladies that witness the scene attack in Sea Land: This show that even with these witness sea land still keep the killer whales in captivity after knowing that orca kill a trainer.
Researcher Howard explains how they would capture orcas: This show that whales become violent to safe their life and not get separated from their family. In the picture blow show that Mr. Howard explain how they would hurt the whales just to capture them.
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This film was very emotional. I felt sorrow for the orcas because they were robbed of the long, full lives they could have had in the wild. I felt sorrow for the trainers who felt betrayed, and for the families who lost a loved one. Most importantly that captivity turn out bad outcome that killer whales become violent towards trainers.