The Riebli Record

John B. Riebli Elementary School Newsletter--August 16, 2018

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Teachers are working hard before school starts!

Besides decorating, setting up their classrooms and eagerly awaiting students to arrive, our teachers have been attending lots of trainings this month.

Ms. Farrell and Ms. Jaco went to a 3 day maker space training. Ms. Lambert, Mrs. Dyche, Ms. Grayhorse, Ms. Farrell, Ms. Jaco, Mr. Grant and Ms, Wheeler attended a coding training using mircobits. All teachers attended trainings in toolbox curriculum, Project based learning, and support services for students. As a staff, we also reviewed Active Shooter training.

It was not all serious work, we also had some fun. The staff participated in the RIEBLI AMAZING RACE. Pictures of their silliness are below.

Teachers helping make Kindergarten amazing!

Staff members showing off their favorite books.

Toolbox tools

TOOLBOX™ is a Kindergarten through 6th grade program (being used in preK-8) that supports children in understanding and managing their own emotional, social, and academic success. The foundation of TOOLBOX is 12 human capacities that reside within all of us. Through its simple and profound metaphor of Tools, TOOLBOX brings forward a set of skills and practices that help students access their own inner resilience at any time, in any context.

Children learn 12 simple yet powerful Tools. With practice, these Tools become valuable personal skills and strategies for self-awareness, self-management, and relationship-building, which, in turn, foster responsible decision-making. Because the techniques are simple and the language is shared, children adopt the Tools and master them quickly.

TOOLBOX begins with a teacher providing instruction on how to use the Tools. Through modeling and daily classroom practices, the teacher supports children in using their Tools to build self-knowledge and self-trust. Schools note rapid improvements in communication, civility, and conflict resolution in the classroom, on the playground, and across the entire school community. Providing parents and caregivers with the Tools and information on how to incorporate the practices into the home setting allows for continuity and reinforcement of skills for students.

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Mark West Education Foundation--Welcome Back Mark West District Musicians!

Is your child interested in joining the choir, playing guitar, band instruments, or the violin? Ms. Kaufman has met, or will meet with all 4th through 6th grade students to develop an interest in the music program and share the upcoming Music Sign Up Night! Music Sign up Night is Wednesday, August 22nd, 6:00, at Mark West Multi-Purpose room. The requested donation of $125 breaks down to $4.34 per lesson!

Download the sign up packet at, or fill one out at the event.

Like us on Facebook Page at Mark West Education Foundation!

Our Music program is as strong as our parent volunteers! Come join us at meetings or sign up to help at events.

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Shop Amazon Smile

Clicking above and making Mark West Education Foundation your charity for Amazon Smile supports all the students in the Mark West District. It is super easy to give while you shop!

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Thank you Smith Family and Gaddis wholesale nursery for the amazing plants in the Kindergarten Barrels.

Join Our Wellness Committee!!

Our District has developed a Wellness Policy that is focused on improving the health of students. The policy is developed/reviewed and updated by the wellness committee that includes teachers, parents, administrators, and other district staff. The Wellness Committee welcomes stakeholders interested in joining the committee to join our team and encourage a healthy lifestyle for students and staff. Please contact the district office (524-2972) or any school office if you would like to join our Team. Our next meeting will be held in the fall (date to be determined).