Old Man


The theme is book/writer because Gallic acid is/was used in ink and was used to read underlying text in palimpsests, that is why the stained coat peels back to reveal text underneath. The name came from The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway, who was a 20th century writer, also because the glasses make him look like an old man.

Uses and Purposes

Gallic acid can be used in photography, ink, dyeing, manufacture of pyrogallol, making of paper, pharmaceuticals, engraving of lithography, and as an analytical reagent

Interesting Facts!!

Physical and Chemical properties

Physical Properties

  • can be white, clear or slightly yellow.
  • the molecular weight is 170.11954.
  • melting point is at 210 degrees C.

Chemical Properties

  • Iron causes a color change in Gallic acid.
  • Gallic acid turns brown when exposed to air.


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