Women's Suffrage

Women had to go through a lot just to get where they are now

Women's Rights

Women contributed to the war effort and they also contributed to their families. They have gone through so much just to have their rights. They raised funds,sold war bonds,worked in factories,and served as nurses.

Women Rights Movement

Women had to endure so much pain and suffering during this time just because they couldn't have as many rights as men could. So some women came up with the woman's rights movement. This movement was a way to show that women had the power to anything.

Summary About What Women Really Stand For

Women are a whole who stand up for one another as one and tend to remember what they all have been through. They all wanted to be treated fairly and have something to love and live for. They wanted to remembered in history as someone as who will hold down a nation and become the most loved. Not someone who will get judged all of their life and become unknown. Women need to be given a chance to do something once in a while.
Women's Suffrage in the 20th Century