How Wooden Baseball Bats are Made

By: Brian Brophy


Baseball bats are made from maple, hickory, ash and bamboo. They are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The end of the bat is called the tip and the part where your supposed to hit the ball at is called the barrel. And the part that lies by the handle is called the knob. The total length of a bat is limited to 42 inches, and the thickest part has a diameter of 2.7 inches. A standard bat has a weight of around 39 ounces.


You need to find a piece of wood that is strong and will be able to withstand the force the ball uses to hit the bat. The size that is rated the best to start is about 3 inches round, and 36 inches long. A good tip for looking for a piece of wood to use is the straighter and tighter the grain the better the chances of it not breaking. Then it goes to a factory to carve the wood turning it into a bat form. Next, it gets put into a liquid to make the bat look better then plain wood. Finally, it gets put into an oven to dry up the wood so it can get sent to the company to be sold.
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The trees grow, people go into the forests and cut them down into small logs that can be shipped to local factories. The factories employ people do cut them into bat shape. Finally, they need people to deliver them to nearby stores.


The people that buy the bats.


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