Hustling through Histograms

Make sure you study new vocab words from Brainingcamp & your eagle time vocab


Data points

Histogram graphing tools

Histogram notes

Histogram Main course

Braininugcamp Main Course(To be completed review day Wed/Thursday) 20 pt

After logging in to braining camp


Watch the lesson

Make sure you take a few screen shots! Just 2-3 and create a short vocaroo explaining what intervals and bins mean!

-Also you will need to know how to look at a histogram and count the total observations.

Part 2:

Complete the 10 practice ? alone and screen shot(10 pt)

Part 3: With a partner in your group choose a word problem to solve using manipulative tool. Make a short video or poster on piktochart/Comic life etc. or construction paper of how you solved! you can screen shot the problem and solve on the screen using white board markers

4 pt-sshot

4 pt-work

2 pt-explanation

This is due by Monday, May 16

Histogram Choice Stations

Please choose 2 stations to complete for 20 pt each by Monday, May 16th

One you will complete on your Review day on Wed/Thursday

The other you will complete on Friday, May 13

TV station Choice 1

Recreate the data collection table in google spreadsheet or print it and collect the data.

To create the graph you may use paper or the Shodor/Illuminations histogram grapher above

Histogram Task Card Choice Station 2

Choose 10 of the cards to complete

I also have these in a bag at your station if you prefer to look at on paper.

Place work for these on one of the recording sheets at the station.

20 pt

10 x 2 pt per ?

March Madness Graphing Choice 3

You may choose to complete 2 pages of this for your station

5 pt bonus for extra station!

Station 5 choice

You will need to work with a partner or group and get a small bag of pennies and poster board/chart from Mrs. Lewis for this!