AESD Week in Review

Welcome to our New & Improved Weekly Bulletin

Week of February 15th-19th

Superintendent's Message

Good Evening Trustees,

You may be asking yourself why I chose to change the format of our weekly bulletin. The answer is that I strive to be innovative and be a 21st Century learner and leader. Although I was satisfied with the content of our traditional Week in Review, I knew there had to be a better, more creative way to share the same information with our Trustees. A fabulous feature of this new and "no-cost" bulletin is that it allows me to embed videos plus added bonuses like integrating pictures of great things that take place during the week in our district. Also, I am able to add relevant article web links, etc. Once again, the wonderful thing about this platform is that it is absolutely free and of no charge to the district.

This week went very smoothly. Here are some of the highlights of my week:

  • Great board meeting on Tuesday evening.
  • I had a productive meeting with Victorville Motors to discuss the "It's a Gas Program."
  • Did walk-throughs with Trustee Glasper at Eagle Ranch, West Side Park, George, and the Family Engagement Center at Columbia. We saw great student engagement in the classrooms. At the Family Engagement Center, we were pleased to see the parents doing projects on with the assistance of computer programs.
  • I participated in a Superintendent round table to discuss best practices with other local Superintendents.
  • Thursday evening, we held our 2nd Attendance Boundary meeting. The Committee reviewed possible boundary configurations and we were able to express concerns.
  • Today, I held my Superintendent Parent Council meeting. The meeting went very well as we discussed and solicited input for the opening of the Melva Davis Academy of Excellence.

Trustees, I appreciate your vision and heart for our district. I am truly honored to work with each one of you.

Have a wonderful evening,


Great Things Taking Place in the Adelanto Elementary School District

Adelanto Elementary School

Task #1: On Tuesday our staff meeting time was spent on Kinder PLCs, and scoring both ICAs and 1st and 2nd bench marks. Our teachers can now use this data for upcoming 2nd tri-mester report cards. Also STAR ELA/Math window assessments are open at this time, fluencies should also be done this week, and we are continuing to look closely at Lexia usage as well.

Task #2: Our PBIS Tier I team met again this week to go over a school wide pledge, poster contest winners, and setting up a PBIS room for our students. The room will be set up as an incentive for good behavior and house fun, popular activities to further motivate students.

Task #3: Exciting boys’ basketball going on this week as Adelanto Elementary took on Erwin School on Tuesday. We want to thank Gus Frankly once again for hosting these games.

Task #4: As we continue to enroll new students to our school and around the district, the need to open up 5/6 combo and third grade on our campus. We are very excited to have new students and long term personnel at Adelanto Elementary School.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: CCSS Parent Work Shop, Tuesday, February 23rd from 5-7pm.

Event #2: PTCs March 1-4th along with early dismissal as well

Bradach Elementary School

Task #1: Marketing the Message: Spent every morning ensuring breakfast goes smoothly.

Task #2: High Expectations: I have been busy doing 3rd observations this week in prep for the March 1st due date and holding the post observation conferences.

Task #3: College Readiness: Training the staff on Friday and Tuesday in instructional expectations and techniques that support AVID. I have subs coming both days. We will be talking about data as well.

Task #4: Effective Leadership/Instruction: Vicki and a few teachers walked the campus today and Team Resiliency walked the campus on Tuesday. Attended the board meeting on Tuesday to support Angel, Cinnamon and Vanessa’s presentation. Met with Ray from 5th District PTA to discuss our issues, he also met with Maggie to go over expectations and to give forms. Attended IEPS. Attended Frisk training and management.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Coffee with the Principal & Pawesome Assembly 2/26

Event #2: Data & Instruction Collaborations 2/19 & 23rd

Event #3: 2/24 Practice fire and release drill w/parents 8:40 am

Event #4: I will be at AVID DL training March 1st-6th

Columbia Middle School


Task #1: AVID Tutors in Place -6

Task #2: Clean Sweep Citation writing 3/8 9am Columbia w SB Sheriff

Task #3: Completion of Interim Scoring

Task #4 None re-elect advisal

Task#5 Enrollment over 373, from 285

Task #6: Keri Elliot, High Desert AVID coordinator, contacted me and had outstanding news. She stated she was contacted by Snowline Unified who stated they were going to add AVID in their middle schools next year and asked if there was a school in the high desert, their middle school principals and Assistant Supt could visit and model their program after and she recommended Columbia, home of the Vipers! She will be setting up the observations later in the year for our Cornell Wednesdays!

Task #6 Boys and Girls basketball teams are in first place with two games to go both are 7wins 1 loss.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Progress reports

Event #2: Clean Sweep Citation writing 3/8 9am Columbia

Eagle Ranch Elementary School

Task #1: SPED, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grade teachers continued to work on scoring Interim Comprehensive Assessments. Kindergarten – Second Grade continued working on scoring Benchmarks as well.

Task #2: Our SPED team continues to work closely with administration to make sure all IEPs are current, scheduled, and held. We are continuing to work to maintain the 100% compliance rate.

Task #3: Staff Development time was dedicated to Benchmark scoring.

Task #4: The other half of our Fourth Grade students attended a field trip to the Lewis Center.

Task #5: SSTs were held with administration, teachers, and parents to increase student achievement and build parent engagement.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: SSTs are scheduled for Friday, February 26th.

Event #2: Reporting Period Two ends on Friday, February 19th. Report cards are due in the system by Friday, February 26th at 2:00 p.m. We will print report cards for administration to review.

El Mirage School

Task #1: Our Science Fair judging is on Thursday evening. All of our classes are participating in our Science Fair.

Task #2: Safe School Ambassador designated students continues to meet in their Family Groups to focus on specific strategies to address bullying.

Task #3: Students and teachers have begun to focus on the Young Authors’ Celebration.

Task #4: Teachers are preparing for the second set of Parent-Teacher Conferences. We are especially targeting those students who are at risk according to grades, and STAR Reading/Math, and ICA Benchmarks.

Upcoming Events:

Event #1: El Mirage Science Fair – Thursday February 18th - Judging

Event #2: El Mirage Science Fair – Visitor Viewing – Friday February 19th @ 3:30pm

Event #3: Donuts with the Dean – Friday February 26th @ 9:15 am

George Magnet School

Task #1: I attended training on using the FRISK documentation model to address below-standard employee performance. I learned how to make it a more positive experience for the employee. I worked with my colleagues in writing some scenarios.

Task #2: During classroom walk-throughs this week I see students working in small groups on projects in science and social studies. Teachers are utilizing the Chromebooks to have students work in Lexia, Math Facts in the Flash, and conducting research. I have seen some students in grade 8 presenting to their class on a historical figure that has made a notable contribution to the world. In the first grade classrooms, teachers are working with students in small groups to address needs.

Task #3: The George science fair was held last week . Students in all grades K-8 participated. We had 5-6 winners at every grade level that will advance to the district science fair. One student, Amber Gee, won the MEEC Environmental Award for her project “Wind Power: Brought to You By Nature.” We are very proud of our students and their successes. Here are some examples of the projects created: Does Money Matter?, Little Brother Needs a Good Diaper; Float or Sink; Candy Explosion; Which Carrots Remain Fresh; Bristle Bot; Air Vortex Cannon; Can Chicks Breathe in their Eggs; Hovercraft Racing; Coin Battery; Making a Simple Motor; Fruitcano; Study and Testing Habits; Selective Attention; and How Did You Sleep?

Task #4: Teachers are completing the STAR Benchmark testing. We will be printing parent letters to be sent home with students and looking to set new student goals, celebrate successes, and look at which students need more support.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Movie Night, Friday, February 19, 2016 @ 3:30-6:00 p.m.

Event #2: Book Fair Family Night, Monday, February 29, 2016 @ 5-7 p.m.

Gus Franklin Jr.

Task #1: Attended IEP meetings

Task #2: Placed Requisition orders based on SSC and and SPSA

Task #3: Attended FRISK training

Task #4: Discussed having intervention after school with paid teacher support

Task #5: Classroom walkthroughs – focus STEM Curriculum

Task #6: checking attendance with students and contacting parents individually

Task #7: Encouraged 4-7th grade to use their bus allowance to visit local Cal States and UC local schools.

Task #8: AAIIAC helped create the map for the command center and where students will be released in case of an emergency

Task #9: re submitted DC/NY trip request

Task #10: 4th grade will meet on Friday during the day to discuss interim data.

Task #11: announcement of Lexia students who have leveled up throughout the week

Task #12: checked EADMS and CAASPP for student data

Task #13: updated website; added video of STEM for 3rd grade

Task #14: will attend updated information for PLTW in San Diego with Vanessa Jones on Friday, February 26

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Cal Poly Pomona – 4th grade trip; February 17

Event #2: MESA Day - February 20 at UC Riverside.

Event #3: SSC February 18

Event #4: Literacy Week Feb 29 – March 4; Lit night Monday

Event #5: Read the Most from coast to coast – February 26; all day read Read Across America March 2

Mesa Linda Middle School

Task #1: Academic Pentathlon team meeting 2/16/16 1:15

Task #2: District Board Meeting 2/16/16

Task#3: Active Shooter Training for all who still need to have access to it. Opened it up to other staff from outside MLMS 2/16/16

Task #4: MLMS hosting basketball games 2/16/16

Task #5: IEP meetings 2/17/16

Task #6: Management meeting 2/17/16

Task #7: Formal teacher observations

Task #8: SARB Hearings 2/18/16

Task #9: Teacher interviews 2/18/16

Upcoming Events

Event #1: School Site Council Meeting 2/23/16 @ 4:30pm

Event #2: Cross curricular data meetings 2/24 – 2/25/16

Event #3: Basketball games at MLMS 2/25/16 @ 4pm – 8:30pm

Event #4: Meeting at DFB regarding Middle Schools 2/25/16 @ 3pm


Morgan Kincaid School

Task #1: I attended the CSEA negotiations planning meeting and am reviewing the contract.

Task #2: I attended teacher interviews and selected a candidate to conduct reference checks on in hopes of filling my 5/6 combination class position.

Task #3: We are hosting Family Science Night. Science Fair winners will be announced. Awards will be given. Moon rocks and NASA materials will be available for viewing. Students will be able to walk through a “planetarium” and build rockets.

Task #4: SST meetings were held for 15 students. Three students were referred to check in and check out program. One referral was made for a student to the early intervention program at SELPA.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Science Fair/Science Night February 18th 5:00-7:00pm

Event#2: Black History Month Assembly February 24th 8:00 and 9:00am

Ted Vick School

Task #1: Held Safe School Forum with teachers, students, staff members and parent in attendance. Identified areas for growth and opportunity and will implement new procedures to support those needs.

Task #2: Vamped up PBIS recognition program. Staff members are recognizing students who are owning their choices and staff members who are doing great things.

Task #3: Had attendance audit and were 100% in compliance.

Task #4: Collaborated with EL teachers and have created a Language Appraisal Team and document. We will use that document to meet with parents and invite them to Summer Language Academy.

Task: 5: Met with Young Environmentalist Leadership Club and custodian to discuss campus cleanliness and solve the issue of areas where trash accumulates.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Saturday School collaboration with THINK Together.

Event #2: Teacher visitations to other campuses to share engagement ideas.

Victoria Magathan School

Task #1: Teachers completed scoring of benchmarks. We will be finishing our Renaissance assessments soon. This Friday is the end of the second trimester.

Task #2: I attended the FRISK Training provided for all supervisors at the district office.

Task #3: We had a Leadership Meeting where we planned for PBIS, end of year activities, and field trips.

Task #4: Team Resiliency visited classrooms at Bradach and we discussed positive things we saw and made suggestions for things that can improve.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: PTA will host a Del Taco fundraiser next Wednesday.

Event #2: Several staff members will attend the MTSS Symposium next Thursday.

Event #3: PTA will have a meeting where they will recognize teachers for their hard work.


West Creek Elementary School

Task #1: High Expectations: Alicia and I continue to meet with teachers on the campus to ensure STAR testing, benchmark scoring, and effective teaching strategies are being utilized. This week close attention was paid to scoring the benchmark testing and completing the STAR Testing. We met with teachers to show them how to look at scores and determine which students still needed to test. Some of our teachers are still struggling with finding reports and looking at data; they wait for admin to run the reports and tell them what needs to be done. After this week, more of our teachers know how to run their own reports and monitor their student’s progress. We also shared teaching strategies with individual teachers. A lot of our teachers want kids quietly working on individual worksheets. We discussed having them use pair sharing and manipulatives to increase student engagement. For teachers who were uncomfortable with collaborative working, we suggested effective note taking strategies and encouraged them to have students share their notes with each other. Teachers were open to idea and willing to try it in their classrooms.

Task #2: College and Career Readiness: As we move through the month, we have our Top Pirate and Principal Awards. These awards are to honor our top students and encourage them to continue on their road to success. Teachers write comments about the kids to help with keeping them on track toward success. We honor the students with pizza and ice cream along with an award. This will help these kids as they progress into higher levels of education and encourage them they can be successful.

Task #3: Marketing: We always post our student awards on our webpage and face book page. The parents will always comment on their students pictures and the response is positive.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Awards Lunch with Admin: Feb 19 @ 11:00


Westside Park Elementary School

Task #1: Teachers completed scoring benchmark assessments during staff meeting time

Task #2: Teachers are preparing for parent-teacher conferences. They are scheduling the conferences including sibling conferences. Teachers are preparing STAR, Lexia and ICA reports for parents. Report cards are being completed. Teachers are preparing to review section 3 on the retention forms as applicable. EL Profile cards will be turned in with the report cards for review by the Principal and EL Coordinator. IEP progress reports are also being prepared.

Task #3: Met with parents for ELAC meeting. Discussed Official score reports, report cards and parent teacher conferences.

Task #4: Held SST and IEP meetings to support student achievement.

Task #5: PBIS weekly lesson covered expectations for attending assemblies. Students enjoyed receiving Model Wildcat tickets and certificates for John’s Incredible Pizza at the weekly PBIS meeting. Students attended the Wildcat Lounge as a reward for following expectations.

Task #6: Formal observations continue for teachers.

Task #7: Students are enjoying band, choir and exploratory music classes.

Task #8: Proctors attending a training session held with Donna Landry, site administrators and JPA representative.

Task #9: We passed our attendance audit 100%!

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Saturday School 2/27/16

Event #2: Mindfulness classes begin, 3/7/16

Chief Academic Officer- Dr. Amy Nguyen-Hernandez

On Wednesday I participated in the FRISK (Facts, Rule, Impact, Suggestions, Knowledge) training. FRISK is a documentation model for evaluators in documenting employee performance. In the FRISK model, there is an emphasis on open, honest, and precise information to avoid misinterpretation and provide employees with clear direction for change.

On Thursday I will be attending a conference with all of our Assistant Administrators, Assistant Principals, and Director of CWA. The conference session are focused on learning techniques to work with students with social-emotional and behavior problems. I’ve heard great things about this conference and am hopeful that we will return from the conference with additional strategies to work with our students who are having difficulty in these areas.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Tues, Feb 23 – I will be attending the ESSA Update meeting presented by SBCSS from 8:30-12 pm

Event #2: Wed, Feb 24 – I will be participating in the next Special Education Task Force meeting to continue working on our action plan to address the areas of concern as outlined in our FCMAT study.

Event #3: Thurs, Feb 25 – I will be one of nearly 40 participants from Adelanto who will be attending the MTSS Symposium held in Etiwanda. The keynote speaker is Ruby Payne.

Event #4: Fri, Feb 26 – I will be attending the LCAP Actions and Services for Foster Youth meeting held by SBCSS.

Event #5: Sat, Feb 27 – District Science Fair at Melva Davis Academy of Excellence.


Chief Business Officer- Mr. Ajay Mohindra

Anwar and I visited Bradach and Victoria Magathan to review site conditions. Bradach recently had some repair work done and things are going well after the repairs.

We discussed additional parking at VME. Mrs. Loudermilk wanted to utilize the back side of the campus for staff parking. After some discussion it was decided that area can’t not be utilized for parking as that area is designated as a fire lane and need to be clear at all times.

While at VME we invited to see science projects created by the students and saw the winning projects. Students had done an amazing job of creating the projects.

District negotiation team for ADTA and CSEA met to discuss upcoming negotiations. Discussion led to what articles district would like to reopen with ADTA.

In regards to CSEA the entire contract is open for negotiation. Discussion led to what are the major areas of concern for the administrators to be addressed and what other language needs to be modified under the contract.

District management participated in a FRISK training provided by the Law firm of AARLM.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Event Community meeting for school reconfiguration and boundary Change February 18 and March 3, 2016

Event #2: Budget advisory Committee Meeting February 25, 2016

Chief Personnel Officer- Mr. Todd Beal

Task #1: Certificated

Follow up with contacts from the University of La Verne; we are hoping they attend the March 5th job fair. Attended job fair at the University of Arizona, Tucson. General Education and Middle school teacher interviews occurred on 2/18/2016. 1st round of Assistant Principal interviews occurred on 2/19/2016. Contracted teachers for General Education and SAI continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Certificated substitute/guest teachers continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Substitute teacher coverage was at 83 percent even though there were school business absences all five days this week. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #2: Classified

On February 16, 2016 the substitute food service worker and substitute proctor tests occurred. On February 18, 2016 bilingual stipend, substitute campus security and substitute custodian exams were given. Contracted classified employees continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Classified substitutes continue to be processed. Processing of volunteers for the 2015-16 year continues. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #3: Risk Management

2/16; CSEA and ADTA negotiation preparation meeting. Discussion pertaining to articles and negotiations.

2/17; FRISK training

2/18; WSPS Proctor Meeting to go over the playground assessment done last week.

2/18; JPA-Work Comp. Focus Group webinar meeting. We meet monthly to discuss updates, claims information and most recently the Active Shooter Tragedy of 12/2/15. Lessons Learned.

Task #4: Child Welfare and Attendance

• After taking a dip in enrollment at the start of 2016 we are enrolling new students daily. Current enrollment has climbed back up to 8,445 students. This is up 5 students from last week.

• Our next Saturday School date is February 27th. We look forward to another successful session.

• Our 5th and 6th grade basketball league is continuing with games at Gus Franklin each week. Our games have been competitive and exciting so far in the league.

CSEA Negotiations


ADTA Negotiations


Task #4: Other

FRISK training provided to all district supervisory staff on 2/17/2016. The training was conducted by Todd Robins from the law firm AALRR. The purpose of the training was to provide management the knowledge and resources to effectively and legally address staff misconduct.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 2/25/2016- Cal Poly Pomona career fair

Event #2: 3/5/2016 – Adelanto Elementary School career fair

Event #3: 3/10/2016 – Cal Baptist career fair

Event #4: 3/22/2016 – UCR career fair

Event #5: 3/25/2016- CSU, Long Beach career fair

Event #6: 3/29/2016- CSU, Fullerton career fair

Event #7: 4/9/2016 – Azusa Pacific career fair

Event #8: 4/14/2016 – CSUSB career fair

Event #9: 4/18/2016 – University of Montana career fair

Event #10: 4/20/2016 – University of New Mexico career fair

Event #11: 4/21/2016 – Cal State LA career fair

Special Education- Jennifer Johnson

Alissa Gabriel Case

Allissa Gabriel currently is a student who has a 504 who is receiving Home Hospital services due to Cystic Fibrosis. She had been assessed for Special Education and did not qualify. Due to medical treatments that Allissa receives she is only available to receive Home Hospital from the hours of 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. The district had utilized a teacher to provide these services before Christmas break. We continued to attempt to provide services after break, however Allissa's mother stated she did not want that teacher continuing. The district has since provided a new teacher to provide services and increased our offer of hours for Allissa to 10 hours a week from the 5 hours that Home Hospital requires. Allissa's mother requested a review for Assistive Technology (specifically SKYPE) through her 504. The 504 team convened on January 26th and again on February 17th. At the February 17th meeting Mrs. Gabriel left the meeting after seeing the 504 team present. The district continued the 504 to address the tools and accommodations currently in place and ways to continue to support Allissa while she is at home. Mrs. Gabriel had requested that the Home Hospital teacher align curriculum with classroom activities and the team has ensured that collaboration will occur to ensure continuity to meet Allissa's education needs. Mrs. Gabriel requested the use of SKYPE in the classroom. Due to constraints of Allissa's availability the use of this would not be available for group work or direct instruction on a regular basis so other methods of instruction were explored. Mrs. Gabriel requested video conferencing with the art teacher. After considering the barriers of time constraints the art teacher along with the 504 team agreed to provide detailed PowerPoint presentation or emails describing the Discipline Based Art Education projects that are being taught. Materials would be provide to Mrs. Gabriel or through the Home Hospital teacher. A display case would be saved for Allissa's work to display for other students and photos of finished work to share would be taken so collaborative feedback and connections could be shared. Online curriculum access to Go Math, Reading Wonders, Lexia, and AR360 has been provided to the mother at the beginning of the year and resent after the January 26th meeting. The team also discussed ways for Allissa to connect with peers via creating an online forum/blog for collaboration. Mrs. Gabriel was not open to this opportunity at the January 26th meeting.

Due Process Case: Kevin Garcia

A due process case was filed by the parents of Kevin Garcia. Please notate that although the Parents attorney’s fees were listed at $10,496, we were able to negotiate that amount down to $5,900.00.

Here is a summary of the confidential terms and conditions:


1. The District will place Student in a diagnostic placement through the end of the 2015/2016 school year. The District will place Student in the county-operated program currently located at Vista Verde Elementary School.

2. The District speech and occupational therapists and DMCC therapist will provide 2 hours of transition and collaboration service to support Student in his new environment.

3. The District agrees to arrange for a full-time 1:1 behavioral aide as part of the diagnostic placement through the end of 2015/2016 school year. The Parties agree the 1:1 behavioral aide will provide support to the Student and will collect data.

4. The District will contract for tutoring with a non-public agency, preferably Professional Tutors of America, for a total of 50 hours. These hours will be made available to Student through August 31, 2016. Parents understand and agree that they must coordinate the services with the NPA.

5. The Parties agree to meet in an IEP meeting on or before August 1, 2016 in order to determine the effectiveness of the diagnostic placement and diagnostic 1:1 aide service.

6. The Parties agree to meet in 30-days from the first day of enrollment in the diagnostic placement to complete Student’s annual IEP meeting and the 30-day transfer meeting.

7. The District will make a referral though the current Desert Mountain Children’s Center (“DMCC”) therapist for an intake appointment to determine eligibility for Therapeutic Behavior Services (“TBS”). The Parents understand and agree to cooperate with the intake evaluation process to be arranged by DMCC.

Director of CNS- Delise Barringer

Task #1: Site visits this week for our breakfast and lunch programs. We are working with staff members to apply best practices. This includes a review of essential small wares, carts and other supplies necessary to the safe operation of our nutrition programs.

Task #2: Menus are being printed for March, Newsletters are also being printed for March – delivery to sites next week.

Task #3: New Stanchions for line control are present at each of our Elementary sites – we hope this has a positive effect.

Task#4: CEP research and analysis is in progress.

Task #5: January reconciliation is in progress.

Task #6: FFVP Claim for January has been completed.

Task #7: NSLP Claim is being calculated for January.

Task #8: George Magnet freezer roof is being replaced, target completion tomorrow.

Task#9: Start up orders are being prepared for Melva Davis school.

Task#10: Budget development conversations are ongoing.

Task# 11: Attended FRISK training yesterday, a very appreciated review and enhancement on the process and are currently applying this process with several employees.

Task#12: Evaluated a new speed line for our Central kitchen to assist with new and or revised service needs. Speed lines allow us to package individual meals with a sealed clear film. We will have a demo unit to test efficiency in meeting our goals.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Next Saturday session is this Saturday, February 27

Director of Fiscal Services- Geta Woldie

Task #1: Completed the California Department of Education Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) for all categorical programs funding for fiscal year 2015-16.

Task #2: Continued working on the 2015-16 Second Interim Report and multi-year cash flow and budget projections.

Task #3: Attended the FRISK (fundamentals for evaluators in addressing below-standard employee performance) training.

Task #4: Revised Title I Part A funding and school sites budget allocation based on the Consolidated Application Reporting System (CARS) certified entitlement.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Second Interim Report


Thumbs Up

-“Thumbs Up” to our Grounds and Facilities crew. They do an amazing job of keeping the grounds at our sites in tip top shape.

-“Thumbs Up” to Mrs. Laura Ramos for getting our after school tutoring up and running at Eagle Ranch!

-“Thumbs Up” to Lily Alfaro for providing excellent customer service at the front lines of the district office.

This is why you are very important to me as Trustees and Leaders of our School District!

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