The Cycle of Life

By: Ryan Brooks

What I Live By

"Its great to be great, but its better to be human."

Me, Me, Me!

My name is Ryan. I like yoyoing, any sport such as disc golf, basketball, baseball and much more! I love school and learning is very fun to me. I am friendly and always in a good mood. I want my career to go great, and I recognize that I must success in school to get the best life I can possibly get! The address and website is where I attend school.

Everyone has a personality!

I reflect a "green" personality. I tend to like to work alone to get the job done right. I am creative and very organized. I tend to be very competitive in sports and buisness. Lastly, I enjoy exploring new possibilities and I like to challenge myself.

A good life starts with a good job... Im good at:


1. Professional Sales

2. Lodging

3. Travel and Tourism

4. Marketing Management

5. Merchandising


1. Marketing Management

2. Travel Tourism

3. Legal Services

4. Correction Services

5. Marketing Communications

Work Values:

1. Workplace

2. Income

3. Accomplishment
4. Innovation

5. Prestige

Left brain or Right brain?

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What's the difference between the sides of the brain?

Left-brain: These people (such as me) focus more on school, being specific, and to the point. They tend to focus on logical thinking, and analysis.
Right-brain: These people have a more creative mind. They tend to focus more on feelings, and aesthetics.

I'm Motivated but sometimes, i'm stressed

There is no "I" in Team

Directior Choices: 4

Supporter Choices: 1

Analyzer Choices: 5

Creator Choices: 4

If you want to learn more about me...

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My First Day of High School!

Wednesday, Aug. 21st 2013 at 7am

1801 Southeast J Street

Bentonville, AR

Bentonville High School

Bentonville High School, home of the tigers, is a school full of well-educated teachers and the best reputations around. BHS is an outstanding high school and I cant wait to attend. A few accomplishments I would like to do are the following:

-Take the PSAT

-Begin a Disc Golf club

-Take a foregin language for 2 years

-Take an interest inventory

-I will learn about possibilities to earn college credit for advanced placement

-I will do community service

-I will register for Advanced Placement tests

-I will find numerous scholarships and choose a few to apply for

-I will request application materials from schools of my choice

-I will HAVE FUN!

My first day of college!

Sunday, Aug. 20th 2017 at 7:15am

800 South Tucker Drive

Tulsa, OK

The University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa - Image 2005 :60

All You Need To know about the university of tulsa!

The University of Tulsa is a private 4-year college in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I will major in statistics at the university. Admission Requirements for Tulsa is admission test scores (ACT, SAT, etc.), Percent submitting SAT scores: 31%, and Percent submitting ACT scores: 67%. The total cost at the most (tuition, books, other expenses, etc.) is $59,513. The most that 4 years could cost is $238,052. Demographics: The total enrollment is 4185 students. The total amount of women is 1,864 and the total amount of men is 2,321. Major/Degree: I will major in Statistics at this school and will get a masters degree to be able to do the job I want. The University of Tulsa is an amazing college and i will love getting to study at this prestigious university! If you want to see their website, click here!!


My awesome career

The career job I will be is a statistician. Statisticians are professionals who use their knowledge in mathematics to solve problems. Statisticians make an average of $72,830 a year

Tasks of this amazing job

Apply sampling techniques or use complete enumeration bases to determine and define groups to be surveyed. Report results of statistical analyses in peer-reviewed papers and technical manuals. Supervise and provide instructions for workers collecting and tabulating data. Adapt statistical methods to solve specific problems in many fields such as economics, biology, and engineering

What i will need in the education department

Entry level education: masters degree. Most research and academic positions for statisticians require a doctor or philosophy (Ph.D.)

The conditions of working and jobsites

Although statisticians work mostly in offices, they may travel in order to supervise surveys or gather data. The location of where I would work is Dallas, Texas.

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." - Bill Cosby