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Failure is not an option

Persevering through failure

Today's topic, Rickie fowler professional golfer wins the masters. A few weeks before, Ricky got a shoulder injury and barely could even hit a golf ball, he was very overwhelmed it was difficult to even be by him. He had a mindset going into the players that he would forget about the injury, one day passes and he is off to a good start seven under par which is phenomenal. The second day comes at TPC Sawgrass and it’s a beautiful day, Rickie comes up to hole seventeen and this is a hard hole surrounded by water. He hits a shot into the water, this led to him imploding and from seven under he goes to even. Then out of no where on the third day he starts making birdies on every hole and is doing amazing, therefor he got to ten under and was tied between Sergio Garcia, Kevin Kisner. They got into overtime and play three holes rickie fowler is venturing off and using a driver when everyone is using a three wood and he makes excellent contact with the ball, because he used his driver he was ahead of Sergio and Kevin by at least twenty yards. Therefor his second shot was a very easy nine iron for him. He gets on the green in two shots while Kevin is off on the fringe and Sergio has a long birdie putt. It all comes down to this one shot for birdie an Rickie sinks it for birdie. Sergio had almost the same shot earlier and could read the green but he just misses left, and kevin even though is off the green he sinks the putt and is going into a fourth overtime. It’s hole seventeen again the water hole and Rickie hits a great shot right next to the hole, as for Kevin he hits it further away. Kevin barely misses the putt and Rickie makes it to win it. In the End Rickie persevered through his failure and worked twice as hard and ended up winning. This shows great recovery and great perseverance to be able to come back from failure.

Whenever Adversity comes up

Hard to Harder

It was a warm sunny day at Yankee Stadium Babe Ruth comes up to the plate hoping for a hit after getting out the three times before. First Babe was warming up in the batting cages and was wiffing almost every single hit. Next he was warming up on the field and was not doing his best, his coaches were worried about him and didn’t know what was happening to their star player. After his coaches gave him the talk they decided to give him a rest and decide to sit him the game before. Not long after Babe got really upset and started practicing a lot more than he needed too, he was determined to get back on the field and play. Later that night he woke up and talked to his coaches, he said he was ready to play and he was he practiced so much that he overstretched his muscles way to much and during the game the next day he couldn’t get a hit. The crowd was losing hope the Yankees were getting smoked and Babe Ruth was getting a lot of hatred and he was coming up to bat, with his muscles so sore he could barely swing the bat. Next he pointed his bat to the outfield and was calling his shot, even when he was down and was playing poorly he still had the courage to call his home run. Finally the crowd went wild and his coaches gave him high fives and his team stormed the field, even though Babe Ruth was injured he Persevered through the Adversity to get a hit and he got a great one.

When things go wrong

It was a saturday evening basketball tryouts were today and tomorrow, Michael Jordan had the mindset going into the tryouts that he was going to make the team therefore he did make the team that he wanted to make, Varsity he made Junior Varsity. He got so upset and locked himself into his bedroom and cried. Michael Jordan is a great example of persevering through his failure. Since he didn’t make the team he wanted he worked harder, as the outcome he made it to the NBA and was a huge threat for other teams. Michael Jordan influenced by his high school years he told himself that he would never give up on his dream. This led to him not ever giving up and becoming the best basketball player he could be. After his basketball career was over he decided to play baseball for a year on a minor league team, the Birmingham Barons while he was on their he never got called up to the majors and decided to retire his baseball career. As the outcome Michael Jordan became one of the best basketball players known around the world because he persevered through his failure. His parents and coaches encouraged him to never quit even when things were getting really difficult and now he is one of the most well-known basketball players in history.

Facing racism

Today was the big day Andrew Mccutchen was playing against his rival Mike Trout, Andrew and centerfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates was about to be the best player in the MLB so far. Mike up to bat for the Cardinals he gets a great hit and it’s over the fence! He rounds the bases, Andrew almost caught it and just barely missed to lose the game in extra innings. That was the first game of the three game series and Andrew was going to pass up Mike in the standings from second to first. Since Pittsburgh lost he went down in ratings from second to third he was crushed, However they both knew that Andrew could come back although he was crushed. The next game something similar happened except Andrew hit the ball to win the game in the ninth inning. Mike trout caught his ball in the third inning that was going over the fence. Despite Adversity Andrew came back and persevered through the adversity. On the other hand, Andrew Mccutchen didn’t brag like Mike trout did when he won the game. Andrew Mccutchen treated others the way he wanted to be treated even though he was noble. In the end Jackie Persevered through the Critics and won himself the respect he deserved. He could’ve gave up and not tried but he never gave up and therefore he persevered through failure to look at the better picture.