Catherine the Great

Ruled from 1762-1796

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Maps of Russia while Catherine ruled

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Early Life

Catherine was born to Prince Christian August of Anhalt- Zerbest and Princess Johanna Elisabeth of Holstein- Gottorp. She was born in Stettin, Germany on May 2,1729 and came to Russia in 1774 when she became the heir to the Russian throne at age 15. When she was born, her parents were hoping for a boy instead. She didn't have any siblings so there was no boys to take over reign. As she was growing up she wasn't given much affection or care, so she became close with her governess, Babette.

Catherine gets Married

Catherine married Grand Duke Peter in 1745 at age 15. Unfortunately for both of them, the marriage had no affection and was not a happy ending for either of them. After a short amount of time, they both became less and less faithful to each other. Catherine had two kids, a son and a daughter. For about eight years, Catherine couldn't conceive. After a while she had her two kids, Paul and Ana.

Who was the father for her kids? Was peter the father for either of them?

Catherine's Goals

  • embrace European cultural and political life
  • expand Russia's borders
  • create warm water ports

Ways she reached those goals

  • made partition to divide Poland into sections to prevent fighting
  • took eastern side of Poland
  • believed in enlightenment and equality
  • abolished torture and established religious tolerance


  • began education for both girls, and boys and is state sponsored.
  • peter wanted warm water ports so their oceans wouldn't freeze and Catherine got one
  • warm water port in Black Sea creating better trade
  • abolished torture and spread religious tolerance

Catherine visits the grave...

Catherine died on November 6, 1796 at about age 67. There were many rumors about how she died, but she really died from a stroke while in her bed and peacefully died early the next morning. If you would like to read two rumors of how she died, look at the website and scroll down to number seven.
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