Suicide Should Never Be a Option!

by: Amanda Hemmersbach

Warning Signs and Verbal Warning Signs

Warning Signs

  • Depression
  • Withdraw from friends and families
  • Extreme sensitivity to what others say and do
  • Neglect of or dramatic change in appearance
  • Personality changes such as apathy or mood

Verbal Warning Signs

  • " I want to die"
  • "I wish I was dead"
  • "Whats the use"
  • " I don't want to live anymore"
  • " Nothing matters, who cares"

They may not ask for help, but they want it!

There is HELP out there!

There is over 1 million people who commit sucide a year lets stop it.

  • Let them know that your in pain. Call 1-800-SUICIDE
  • Vernon Country (608)637-2123
  • Monroe Country (608) 2692117
  • La Crosse Country (608) 785- 4357
  • There are many people out there that care, you just don't realize it.
  • Call suicide help lines, they will not judge you, but they will help you.
  • Go to they will help you through whatever you are going through


Suicide should never be an option!

  • If you are suspicious ask the suicide question, it may save their life.
  • If they need help you may just be the key
  • If they are in serious condition, and about to kill themselves help them go to consoling.
  • A direct approach would also be helpful to help prevent them.
  • If they are in trouble you should talk to them, you could help them come out of it

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