What does it look like?

What do we need to recognise?

The systematic abuse and colonization of indigenous peoples as evidenced by the removal of Aboriginal children from their families and homes into residential schools in order to "kill the Indian in the child."

Didn't the last residential school close 20 years ago?

Yes, the last federally-operated residential school closed in 1996.


The intergenerational consequences of the system continue to affect indigenous families to this day.

-Transmitted family trauma

-Compromised family systems that eliminate the tradition of kinship

-Feelings of parental inadequacy

-Low self-esteem

-Loss of identity




-Suicidal inclinations

-Residential School Syndrome (a mental illness similar to PTSD)

How do we begin to heal the relationship between indigenous peoples and other Canadians?

-Become educated! This infographic is just a START!

-As a community...Hold a Reconciliation workshop. Have reconciliation themes for book and movie clubs.

-As an individual...Attend community events. Donate to support continual awareness of the path to reconciliation. Share your knowledge with others.

As a teacher...Highlight indigenous contributions to Canada. Integrate indigenous practices such as sharing circles into the classroom. Encourage students to sign up for the virtual campaign "It Matter to Me" Twibbon.