Multiplying Fractions

first step on how to multiply a fraction is you take your fractions and you look at them to make sure they are either an improper fraction (8/5) or a regular fraction (3/4) (Note:If there is a mixed number you HAVE to change into an improper fraction.) You then will multiply both of the numerators to get 24 and both the denominators to get 20 so then that would be 24/20 then you take it then you make a mixed number out of it and then it will be 1 4/20 then you can simplify it to 1 1/5.

8/5x3/4= 24/20= 24/20= 1 1/5

Estimating Fractions

Estimating fractions would be like Mack ate 9 cupcakes and Joe at 2/4 what number would the mixed number round up or down to? It would round up to 10 because you treat the fractions as a decimal. Like 2/4 is equal to .5 or you could make it a whole number which is 5 to make it easier because then you know whether to round up or down because 5 rounds up so that means you round up to the whole number 10.

Dividing Fractions

First how you divide fractions is you take the second number and you flip the numbers upside down like 5/9 it would be 9/5. You switch the division sign to the multiplication sign and you would still multiply the same way.

Adding Fractions w/ unlike Denominators

Adding fractions w/ unlike denominators is when you have something like 4/5 + 3/10 you take 4/5 and see if both of the denominators can go into/the lower denominator like 5 can go into 10 by multiplying by 2. If you multiply both numbers by two because if you do 1 side you have to do the other. But in this case it gets multiplied into itself so you multiply both the top and bottom by 1.