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July/August edition


You might be wondering to yourself, "Why are they doing another combo month newsletter for Friends Magazine?" The answer is that we are all busy during the summer, right? But, we all know that it is going to be a lot busier in the next few weeks because of school starting back up! It might stress you out a little bit, but it is going to be exciting. The rest of this newsletter is all about school, so grab out your notebooks and pencils and keep reading!

Back to the Classes

As we all know, school's all about classes. It's all about grades and learning. Although it might stress you out, it's still worth it. But, you can help decrease your stress by following these simple tips!

- Take time for self care.

Make sure you get at least 10 hours of sleep, eat healthy foods, and remember to leave some time left in the day for shooting hoops or doing cartwheels.

- Change your thinking.

Change your thinking about things from negative to positive. If you keep thinking negative, your whole life is going to be negative and your stress will keep increasing.

- Take assignments one baby step at a time.

Don't rush through your assignments, because that will increase your stress. Start working with time management. Make lists of what you have to do that day rather then keeping it all in your head.


I make a list for each day. It really helps me manage my time well and I can get everything done.

Meredith Wessel

- Lower your goals.

Don't be a slacker, but try lowering your goals so that you're not the best in the class at something but that you still feel satisfied with your performance.

- Stay balanced during exam periods.

Instead of working the whole day on something, take little breaks in between like snack breaks or even jogging breaks to bring you back to yourself. You'll come back to your work feeling more refreshed and ready to work.

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School Supplies

Here is a list of some school supplies that you might need:

- pencils

- pens

- ruler

- protractor

- notebooks

- composition books

- crayons

- markers

- colored pencils

- notebook paper

- binder

- files

- pencil box

- folders

- pocket dictionary

- pocket thesaurus

- pocket atlas

Back to School Style

Need some stylish but yet affordable clothes for the start of school? Check out these stores and we are sure that you will find something to buy that you like from them.

- Walmart

- Target

- Old Navy

- JC Penny

- Nordstrom

- Macy's

- Justice

- Claire's

What to do With my Hair?

Are you wondering in the mornings before school sometimes, "What should I do with my hair today?" Well, we got you covered! Just click in to YouTube and we're sure you'll find a cute hairstyle for your likings. A recommended channel is called 'Cute Girls Hairstyles'. There are tons of videos on cute hairstyles for your convenience!


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