Assessment Dates

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Dates for Benchmarks

January 21

Math - 3rd, 4th, 5th

January 22

Reading - 3rd, 4th, 5th

February 11

Writing - 4th


Here is a link to the PDF manual. You will receive a manual on January 29th.

Dates for TELPAS

Jan. 29: TELPAS Rater Training and oaths signed

Feb. 17: TELPAS Writing collection window opens.

Feb. 17: Calibration window opens for new and returning raters.

Feb. 26: Online reading test administrators training and oaths signed.

Mar. 3-4: Supplemental support for raters that did not qualify on first two attempts.

Mar. 17-21: TELPAS Online Reading Assessment

Mar. 21: TELPAS Writing Collections and Rating Rosters Due

STAAR Resources

Link to STAAR Resources on TEA Website

Dates for STAAR

Apr. 2: Grade 4 Writing Day 1 Grade 5 Mathematics

Apr. 3: Grade 4 Writing Day 2 Grade 5 Reading

Apr.22: Grades 3–4 Mathematics

Apr. 23: Grades 3–4 Reading

May 13: Grade 5 Mathematics (retest)

May 14: Grade 5 Reading (retest)

DRA/EDL Window

K-5 All Students

January 13th to February 10th

Data Due in Aware February 24th

K-2 Universal Math Window

January 21st - February 7th

Data Due in Aware February 24th