Julius Caesar Soundtrack

Joi, Anthony & Chris

Song #1 "Back Stabbers" By the O'Jays

BIg Idea: This song by the O’Jays refers back to Act III Scene 1 of the play when Caesar was about to get stabbed to death by Brutus and Cassius because in the song The O’Jays say “They smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place” This refers to the part where Brutus and Cassius look at Caesar in a way that they want to take his place or at least want to kill him to get someone else in his place. Or if u dont think thats a good example another one might be, when the O’Jays say “Aimin’ straight at your back, And I don’t think they’ll miss”. But for Caesar they were aiming at his chest instead of his back, and they didn’t miss at all.


Cleopatra Records

The O' Jays - Backstabbers by Cleopatra Records

Song #2 "Hatin" SnootieWild Ft Lil Boosie

Big Idea: The song tells how people are hating on them, this relates to Julius Caesar being alive and Cassius hated and spread lies about him. Like in the song towards the end Lil Boosie said "You spread lies about me, you know what you are, you hating" and in Act II Scene II, Cassius says "when Caesar was drowning in the river I saved him". Cassius had so much to day about Caesar but he never said it to his face he talked behind his back, and hated on Caesar the whole time, just like the fans of Snootie Wild and Lil Boosie.


Repost GOD

Snootie Wild - Hatin Ft Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) by Repost GOD

Song #3 "Heaven" by Beyonce

The song "Heaven" by Beyonce relates to the death of Caesar in Act III Scene I in alot of ways. One way it relates is the mood it sets you in when you listen to the words, or just hear the beat of it. The song is very sad, and describes the death of her friend, which is the second way it relates to this scene. In the song, Beyonce says "I just couldn't stand to see you leaving, but heaven couldn't wait for you". This can show how Antony felt about the death of Caesar, and how sad he was about it, since Caesar was his friend. Along with that, Brutus told Antony he killed Caesar because he didn't want him to suffer, which is kind of like him saying, death was waiting on you so you could get rid of your worries. Beyonce says "Heaven couldn't wait for you" which is like the same thing only a different way, and less cynical.


Beyoncé Lives

Heaven (BEYONCÉ: X10) by Beyoncé Lives