Due Monday, February 10th

What is a Val-o-gram?

A Val-o-gram is a SINGING valentine! It is a personal performance of a hand-picked song that will be performed for your recipient. Val-o-grams come complete with choreography, extra costuming and HUGE smiles!
  • LIVE Val-o-grams - can be sent to anyone at Hubenak. (students or staff) It will be a live performance by a group of Hubenak Choir members in your recipient's classroom.
  • VIRTUAL Val-o-grams - can be sent to anyone with an email address. It will include a video of our full choir singing the song of your choice and a personal message from you.

What Do they sound like?

Valogram commercial 2014

When will they be delivered (performed)?

Live performances will be Wednesday morning, February 12th. (Mrs. Ramsey will be out of town on Valentine's Day) Virtual val-o-gram emails will also be sent the same day.

How do I buy one?

  • Send a LIVE val-o-gram using the pink form sent home in your Husky Folder on 1/30. Or click here to download a new form.
  • Send a VIRTUAL val-o-gram by completing the form below. (or clicking here) After you complete your order, print the confirmation emails or record your confirmation #'s on the pink form from your folder and send them in with payment.

Why should I buy one?

Because they're awesome! Unique! Different! Better than a little card or some boring candy! You will make someone's day!

You will also be supporting the Hubenak Music Department and the young musicians at our school. To help purchase instruments and materials that your child uses while in music class.

Send a Virtual Val-o-gram now!

The form below is for VIRTUAL val-o-grams only.
Click here to download forms for LIVE val-o-grams.
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