Gifted and Talented

3 Big Ideas I Have Learned

1. GT identification is not equally spread among different nationalities.

2. Students who are not gifted do not look to gifted students as a role model.

3. Students with learning disabilities can also be identified as gifted.

2 Questions I Have

1. Why are some nationalities not being identified as gifted learners as much as others?

2. The article clearly states that if a child is gifted that does not mean that they are gifted in every subject. Why then in Coppell do we allow gifted learners enroll in any gifted class that they want? Would it not make more sense to allow them to enroll in the gifted courses in which they qualify to ensure that we are better meeting their needs?

1 Action I Can Take Immediately

If I am teaching a mixed ability grade level course I can work on how I group learners better especially the gifted learners. Instead of spreading them out to all the groups I can at times make groups of gifted learners so they can challenge themselves instead of being the leader of others.