Juipiters moons

jupiter is a outstanding planet

facts about Juipiter

Juipiters moon's are mostly astreoids that got pulled into juipiters moon orbit. They get pulled by Juipiters unormus amout of gravity. Did you know that Juipiter could fit 1,300 Earth's in it.Juipiter is a giant ball of gases.


I got my information from alot of text one of the text I read was called Planets Discover are Solar System by Lisa Jo Rudy. Another text I read from was called The Photographic Card deck of Our solar system by Morcus Chown. A network I got facts from is Kids Know it.network.


Four of juipiters moons are not astreiods these mons are called, Metis, Adrastea, Amathea, and Thebe. Its 483 million miles from the sun. Juipiter has 300 times as munch mass than Earth does. Pepole say that Juipiter is the giant of our solar system.