Steven Paul"Steve"Jobs

The man who created Pixar and Apple


Steve Jobs was born on February 24,1955 in San Francisco,CA.He invented Apple and Pixar Animations.He has four children and his wife was Laurene Powell Jobs.Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.Sadly he died on October 5,2011 Palo Alto,CA.He was only 52 when he died.


The creative person i chose was Steve Jobs He demonstrated creativity in the field of electronic devices.He created the one of the first touch screen phone's.He invented one of the most succsesful electronic device company's ever made.He also invented Disney Pixar Animations which may include some of your favorite movies such as Inside Out,Monsters Inc. and toy story.

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Steve Jobs will be recognized in 100 years because he made a very successful buisness and is a very smart man.His buisness (apple) is worth 79 billion dollars.His buisness makes computers but is mostly known for its iPhone inventions.

Why a creative genius

He was a creative genius becuase he created the first touchscreen phone called the IBM simon.It weighed 18 oz.There were 50,000 units sold.It was first released on August 16,1994.

Steve Jobs vs. Mozart

  • They were both creative and changed society
  • Mozart demonstrated creativity in the fields of music but Steve demonstrated creativity in the fields of technology

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